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The Pathological Mother

As you all know, I have been seeing a therapist for the better part of 6 months. About 2 weeks ago, my therapist and I had been focusing on my dreams since I always seem to have some off the wall nightmares.  This recent nightmare was triggered by a documentary I was watching that truly made me shake with anger and how the people involved in the story were not good people.  I don't know about you, but usually my dreams draw in something in my real life and force a story in my subconscious.
 The dream centered around my son doing something by accident and my fearing his repercussions from his dad so I worked to hide and lie about the situation.  Anyone that knows me, knows A. I don't lie B. I don't hide anything from my husband and C. I love my son more than anyone in the world.  My therapist has said that my dreams are always trying to tell me something.  This dream, she said, is due to my pathological need to protect him.  At first, I was offended.  I think the term pathological means that I have a mental disorder.  Then in researching what this truly is, it's a compulsion or dire need. 

What mother doesn't want to protect their children? What lengths are too far to do so?  Is there even such a limit?  I know I would support my son through anything and while I work to guide him to always do right if he truly did something wrong I wouldn't hide it.  Repercussions of actions make us human and teach us right from wrong. 
I used to have an argument with my husband that being a mom was different than being a dad.  There are different emotional connections with growing a human inside of you versus raising a child.  He used to say I was being unfair, but now I wonder if there is a pathological connection in all mothers to protect their children.  While I ponder these questions, I figured I would voice my experience, because I am sure I am not the only one. 

Tell us your thoughts, comments, questions.

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