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That Was Me Then, This Is Me Now!

I'm typically a nostalgic kind of person, but I've been visiting memory lane with such frequency lately, it's like my nostalgia is on overdrive! I guess I can chalk it up to a recent "milestone" birthday and the new year. Memories are always fun to visit, so I thought I'd go back and visit one of my "Getting to Know You" posts from a few years ago and update it for today!

I did a quick search and found a post from September 4, 2014! The picture for today's post is from May 2014, which is the closest picture I could find to that date that actually included me. 
Let's see how much has changed, shall we?

Good Eats- What's for Dinner Tonight? 

September 2014- Was unsure, hoping to make something easy like Pasta e fagioli or tomato soup. 
Today- I have no idea, something easy sounds good though!

Whatcha Reading?

September 2014- Two books, for MBP reviews. 
Today- I just finished Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate (for my "Sisters BookClub") and now I'm reading Wifey by Judy Blume just because I want to!

Listening to Anything Good?

September 2014- D was very into John Legend's All of Me song, so we listened to that a lot!
Today- Every single Lizzo song, some Billie Eilish because D is a fan, and JoJo Siwa's Boomerang because R is a fan!

Whatcha Been Watching?

September 2014- America's Got Talent  (the season with Wendy Liebman). 
Today- We got rid of cable for the new year because we've been doing a lot of streaming.
 Disney+ is pretty much ruling the house currently.

I Dreamed a Dream of...

September 2014- Some weird dream about a party/reunion at my old high school with some of my favorite 80s celebrities!
Today- I can't recall a recent dream, which is weird because I know I have had some!

What I'm Loving This Week...

September 2014- That D had a 4-day school week because I miss her when she is at school!
Today- That the girls have a 4-day school week because I love spending as much time as possible with them and not having to wake up so early!

I am so Done With...

September 2014- Clutter. 
Today- Drama....and still clutter!

What I'm Looking Forward To...

September 2014- Open House at D's school
Today- All the possibilities of the day!

Thanks for playing catch up and strolling down memory lane with me! I'd like to hear about what you are up to this week too, so pick a question (or all of them) and answer it in the comments below.
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