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Making ONE Change Toward A Healthier You In 2020

We all know it's healthy for us to eat fruits and vegetables and incorporate colors into our diet. I do not mean the colors of the rainbow, as in skittles. 

Try making one change in 2020 toward a healthier you. Let's face it, we can all become a little healthier. Regardless of your lifestyle or dietary restrictions, there is at least one thing you can do in your everyday life that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

While more fruits and veggies are great for us, I've decided to try an old trusty method that I let fall by wayside in 2019. 

I'm making a couple changes in 2020 but the change that I find is the most helpful in dropping a few stubborn pounds is replacing 1 to 2 meals a day with a protein shake.

I prefer Arbonne protein shake mix.

This is why I love the Arbonne shake. I know that I am getting a really decent supply of essential vitamins and nutrients in addition to added protein. I add half of a banana, crushed ice, peanut powder and almond milk. It's truly a sweet treat!

What is one thing you are changing about your lifestyle in 2020 to become a healthier you?


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  1. I would love to give these a try. I drink a protein shake everyday for lunch on weekdays.


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