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January's Sister Book Club

Sisters' Book club has officially started.  2020 is starting out right with my sisters and I making a point to share one of our favorite pastimes... Reading. With busy schedules, work, and kids it is hard to make time for yourself let alone anyone else.  Sisters' Book club is meant to bring us closer and be able to talk all things books.
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As there are 3 of us participating in the club, we each took 4 months of the year to pick the one we would read for that month.  I got to pick first, since I am the one that makes more time to read than my sisters' with younger children can.  I read a lot of genres and trying to pick was hard so I leaned on my Libby app and my Goodreads app on my phone for recommendations. Libby is a direct connect app to all the libraries in Connecticut where you can check out books, ebooks, audiobooks, and anything else you need from the library.  The best part is that Connecticut libraries are all attached so if you don't have the book in your local library they will coordinate with the library closest to you to get you the book.
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 Goodreads is my app for recording what I read, this helps me especially with ebooks.  I love to read but sometimes forget if I have read a book or if I want to own the hard copy when I finish an ebook.  I love that Goodreads allows you to set goals or their yearly challenge for reading.  If you haven't checked it out you should.
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Libby leaned me towards our first read by selecting a book outside of my normal genres and I think the same for my sisters. Libby led us to a book that made us cry, learn, and be amazed by the strength of these characters.
January is historical fiction reading for the Sisters' book club.  We read Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. 

I don't want to spoil the book, but I will give a review.  This book centers around a family that is down on their luck in so many ways back in the 1939.  This family ends up being torn apart by circumstances of ignorance, heartbreak, and illegal adoption.  This story follows the past so it can meet the future.  You will cry, there will be so many questions, but it is a fantastic read.

If you read it or will read it please share in the comments.
I'd love to bring you in on the questions we discussed at the end of the book.

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