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"I Am From"

I love creative writing activities. Writing prompts that allowed students to respond to a picture or passage helped them to also incorporate a little about themselves, an experience they had, or some insight into their perspective without pressure to simply produce the writing all on their own. I think creative writing activities even belong in companies and other jobs when people are trying to build collaborative relationships. If we don't know how people think and their background, it can be more challenging to understand why they behave the way they do and make the decisions they make. Enjoy my completed "I Am From" poem adapted by Levi Romero and inspired by "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon.

“I Am From” Poem Template

I am from tools
from threads and books 
I am from the comfort
I am from the peonies
The evergreens
whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own. 
I’m from hard work and persistence
from Karl and Lee 
I’m from privacy and humility 
and from high expectations.
I’m from "try harder" and " so and so was better"
and "because we helped you." 
I’m from inconsistency
I’m from Indiana
and somewhere in between
pancakes and pizza
From WWII, Vietnam, and 9/11 veterans
in my head
and in my heart.

By Karla  Date 1/3/20

I am from….. 
Adapted by Levi Romero Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon 

I am from ________________________ (an everyday item in your home) 
from ________________ and _______________ (products or everyday items in your home) 
I am from the ___________________________ (description of your home) _________________________________ (a detail about your home – a smell, taste, or feel) 
I am from the____________________ (plant, flower, natural item) 
The __________________________ (plant or tree near your home) 
whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own. I’m from _______________ and ________________ (a family tradition and family trait) 
from ______________and ______________________ (family members) 
I’m from _________________and _________________ (family habits) 
and from_____________________. (family habit) 
I’m from _______________ and _______________ (things you were told as a child) and ____________________________________ (a song or saying you learned as a child) 
I’m from_________________________ (a family tradition) 
I’m from ____________ (place of birth) 
and ___________ (family ancestry, nationality or place) 
_______________and _________________ (family foods) 
From ___________________________________ (a story about a family member) ___________________________ (detail about the story or person) _____________________________ (description of family momentos, pictures or treasures.) _________________________ (location of momentos – under my bed, on the wall, in my heart) ______________________________________________ (more description if needed) _______________________________________________ 

By (student name)__________________________ Date_____________

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