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Five Hair Issues That May Be Health-Related And How To Fix Them

Often, we have to look for signs and listen to our bodies for clues that something may be wrong. Some symptoms may be apparent like feeling ill and not being able to shake a common cold or minor health issue, while others may not be as recognizable and are often overlooked. Our hair is one body part that indicates if something is amiss. Here are five common issues that may be an indication of health-related problems.

Having Dandruff Could Indicate That You Are Getting An Overdose Of Sun
If you suddenly notice dandruff on the scalp, more than usual, it could be due to spending too much time in the sun. Excessive exposure to UV rays and heat can result in the scalp feeling dry. To remedy this, you can start by applying sunscreen to exposed areas on your scalp before heading outside. You can also try medicated conditioners and shampoos to relieve symptoms of flaking.

Various Causes That Can Lead To Hair Thinning
There are multiple reasons why your hair may be thinning.

Your diet
One factor that leads to thinning hair is your diet. A diet that is low in iron, zinc, and protein may be contributing to thinning hair. If you suspect that your diet is lacking, it is useful to visit your physician the help you with working out a healthy eating plan.

You may assume that generic hair loss is going to present itself during some point in your life, but probably at a later stage. On the contrary, this type of hair loss often begins in the early 20s. Many people who are experiencing generic hair loss opt for hair transplants. See https://groclinics.com.au/ for more information.

Emotional or physical stress can result in one-half to three-quarters of the scalp hair to start shedding. It often happens that the hair loss is temporary, but it can become persistent. To combat the issue of thinning hair is to reduce your stress levels and opt for hair treatments that can help with reactivating the hair follicles and preventing further thinning.

Thyroid issues
Thinning hair may be due to thyroid issues. The best way to find out if this is true is by getting a blood test done by a physician to see if your thyroid is functioning efficiently. If not, your GP may prescribe meds to get it working again as it should.

Yellow Dandruff May Necessitate Specialized Attention
When dandruff has a yellow and greasy appearance, it could indicate that you have an inflammatory skin condition referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. Over-the-counter medicated shampoos can clear up dandruff, but in some cases, a prescription is required.

Malnutrition Can Lead To Brittle Hair
Without proper nutrition, your hair can become brittle. The best remedy is to work with a medical professional to obtain a healthy eating plan to get you back on track.

Shedding Hair Could Be An Indication Of Anemia
If your brush is covered in excess hair, it could be a sign of an iron deficiency. If hair falls out by the handful, it could mean that you are anemic. If you suspect this, visit your doctor so that a blood test can be performed, and the right treatment be prescribed to get your iron levels up again.

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