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Encouraging Your Kids + List of Report Card Freebies

When I was growing up, I so looked forward to family celebrations. My parents always went out of their way to make sure that my sister and I knew how proud they were of us. It spoke volumes to us when we were growing up, and even as adults, we still thrive on knowing that we have their constant love, support, and encouragement in all of our endeavors. 

My husband and I take the same approach with both of our kiddos, ages 9 & 3. Every night, as the kids lay down to sleep, I whisper 'I love you, and I'm proud of you every day.' While we don't necessarily go overboard on rewards for things like good behavior and good grades (which are expectations), we do like to 'treat' our kiddos for things like straight A's on report cards. While we don't hand over money for good grades, we do like to do things like treating our kids to a new book. They get so excited to visit a bookstore to pick out a new book on their own, and hubby and I are equally excited to see them wanting to read, which further encourages them to learn on their own.

There are lots of retailers that offer rewards for good grades on report cards, and I'm excited to share an updated list of these places with you for 2020.

List of Rewards for Good Grades & Report Card Freebies

Free Donuts at- Krispy Kreme!
Krispy Kreme rewards kids with 1 free original glazed donut per 'A' on their report card.

Free Kids Meal at Applebee's
Students, 12 & under, who excel in academics (or other areas determined by their teachers) receive an “A” is for Applebee’s award card which can be redeemed for a FREE meal from our Kid’s Menu. Card must be completely filled out by the teacher.

Free Scoop at Baskin Robbins
Students can earn a free scoop of ice cream at participating Baskin-Robbins locations. Just bring in your report card showing good grades to get your freebie. Go here to find a location near you.

Free Kids Meal at Bob Evan's
Kids can show their report card to redeem for a free kids meal at participating Bob Evan's Restaurants.

Free Ice Cream Cone or Nuggets at Chick-fil-a
Kiddos can bring in their report card to participating Chick-fil-a restaurants showing all A's and B's to redeem for a free ice cream cone or a free 8-pack of nuggets.

Free Game Tokens at Chuck E. Cheese
Kids can show their report cards at Chuck E.Cheese locations and receive 10 free game tokens.

Free Scoop at Cold Stone Creamery
Kiddos can show their report card with good grades at participating Cold Stone Creamery stores for a free scoop of ice cream.

Free Kid Cash at Jason's Deli
Jason's Deli has a really cool Kid Cash program, which can be distributed for good works, good deeds, and good grades. Just fill out the form on their website and a manager will contact you to fulfill your request.

Free Pizza at Marco's Pizza
Kiddos can snag a free one-topping pizza for A's on their report card at Marco's Pizza.

Some McDonald's locations offer free kids meals or free value meals for students K-12.

Melting Pot
Participating locations may offer students in grades kindergarten-8th grade a free 3-course dinner including cheese, entree, and chocolate fondue. Students in grades 9th-12th can get a free four-course meal, including your choice of cheese fondue, salad course, entrée, and your choice of chocolate fondue. Contact your local store for more details and to make a reservation.

**Must be accompanied by 2 other fonduers ordering 2 four-course dinners. No sharing, please. One Straight A Dinner per every 2 four-course dinners ordered. No further discounts, promotions, or coupons apply. Their four-course dinners start at $36/person.

Pizza Hut
Good for each grading period- any student who has 3 As (or the equivalent thereof) may be eligible receive one free Personal Pan Pizza and a small soft drink or carton of milk for dine-in by presenting his or her report card to the manager. This offer is valid for elementary and middle school students only.

Participating Wendy's locations may offer kids a free treat for good report card grades.

*Be sure to check with your local restaurant locations before you mention these treats to your kiddos. There's nothing worse than making the kids a promise of a treat, and then finding out that the location won't honor the promotion once you're there, with kids in tow. Just call your nearest location and ask if they'll honor the promotion before you pack the kids in the car.

How do you encourage your kids to do their best? 
Have you ever taken part in any of the report card rewards mentioned in our list?

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Wishing you a wonderful week, filled with love, support & encouragement!

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  1. This is a great list! No little ones here but I am sharing!


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