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All You Need To Know To Have a Blast at Essence Fest 2020

What started as a one-time celebration event by Essence Magazine is now a full-blown Festival. Essence Music Festival or more commonly known as Essence Fest is a 4-day event promoting Black Culture. The biggest gathering of musicians, artists, and eateries. There is so much for everyone at this event that there is no way you won’t like it here.

Annually held at New Orleans, Louisiana since 1995 Essence Fest has made itself a special part of African-American culture. Needless to say, it is the largest African-American music event in the U.S. 

The all-time favorite festival presented by Coca-Cola is coming to Louisiana once again. Early Bird tickets are on sale right now. In case you miss them buy your Essence Music Festival Tickets 2020 from Tickets4Festivals to enjoy this awesome experience. You can get them from https://tickets4festivals.com/essence-music-festival-tickets
The 2020 festival is set to take place on 1st July to all through the 5th of July. Tons of people arrive at Essence Fest some used to the glamour of the biggest African-American gathering ever. While some are still new. If you are one of those people who never been to this festival, this guide is for you!

#How to Start Preparing!

These festivals are usually packed. So preparing early-on is your best bet at not losing tickets, lodging or anything. As you already know how popular this festival is, the hotel near and far gets booked fast. So start booking your hotel room right now! Your best option would be to book a hotel near the venue so you can walk to the fest. However, if that doesn’t happen you can always rely on Uber.  

#Stay An Extra Day

Consider staying an extra day or better arrive a day before. This will help you settle in before the event kicks in. staying an extra day will make sure the rush has died down. Meanwhile, you can check out some local sceneries which is great by the way.

#Keep an Eye on the Fest News

It always comes in handy to know beforehand what's happening. Usually, the Essence Festival has a lot going on for you. Like you can totally forget is that a music festival or what. The artist performs on the main stage as well as imitate meet & greets. You can watch your favorite artist in an exclusive interview there and then. 

#Essence Fest During Nights

The day concerts are amazing but you should know that there is a lot more than you might expect. During the nights, there are night parties, concerts, live comedy shows and so much more. The show doesn’t end with that, there are a ton of exhibitions. From Beauty Carnivals to the Fashion show and Wellness house to Marketplace. 

#Pack Lightly 

There will be a grand crowd and July is extremely hot. Make sure you pack comfy shoes and clothes for the week. No less no more than just the necessary stuff. You wouldn’t want to walk down two blocks carrying a large bag of stuff. 

#How to get Festival Tickets!

First, you need to know that there are two types of Tickets available. One the Evening Concert Series, then there is VIP Weekend Power Pass. Essence Music Festival Tickets are available at Tickets4festival at the lowest price possible. Get your tickets now and have fun at the festival.

#What to Do At Festival

Once you have arrived at the festival remember to enjoy every minute of it. There is so much to do, so much to see that you probably can’t do or see it all. So relax and stay calm and try to take part in everything possible. Eat your way through the festival there is a lot of big names there promoting their brands. 

Don’t tire yourself out and sleep out the parties. Day time parties are best at Essence Fest. Take the time to hit the marketplace you’ll be amazed to see an extensive range of products. Above all just enjoy every second of it being the best YOU, you can be.

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