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6 Birthday Souvenirs Kids Would Love

Your kid's birthday is coming up, and everything has been prepared—except party favors. Giving party favors or souvenirs as adults would call it, is a great way to show your appreciation to the guests who arrived. 
But what are the things to consider when choosing the right souvenir for kids? Well, children are usually pleased with things that are edible, useable, or have play value. 

And this is the reason why loot bags became a must-have in a kid's birthday party since time immemorial. But if you want to stay away from these traditional goody bags, but not take away the fun it brings, there are plenty of great substitutes you can find around.
So what are the things that you should include in a loot bag? Here are some suggestions for a kid's souvenir. Some of these alternatives may not fit in a regular-sized goody bag, so consider an upgrade and add a bit of creativity for this.

#1 - Custom Bobbleheads

First on our list are these cute bobblehead dolls. These are miniature statues with heads twice or thrice bigger than their bodies. You can find bobblehead toys of celebrities, movie characters, and game personas in toy stores, but you can get a bobblehead made of yourself

Just send a picture, and the manufacturer will do their best to craft a bobblehead of the birthday kid! Unlike other custom toy figures, these bobbleheads are surprisingly affordable!

#2 - Books

One way to tie in the party's theme is by picking out a book souvenir that matches your motif. For your daughter's circus party, "Circus Girl" by Clare Pernice will be an excellent book to give or "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende for your boy's great adventure party. Plus, it will be a remembrance kept forever. 

#3 - Edible Treats

Every kid will enjoy a tasty snack after the party. Doughnuts, cookies, cake or popcorn are some of the many options that you can wrap up and give away. You can also personalize them with messages engraved on the wrapper that will surely make the guests smile.

#4 - Mini Piggy Bank

Kids are not too young to save up. Giving a mini piggy bank will encourage the little ones to be financially wise while growing up. Just add a cute tag with their names on it to make it more personal. Seeing their names on it will surely make them thrilled to have it.  

#5 - Toys

All kids love to play. They'll have a blast with these souvenirs, from fun to educational toys. But of course, it should be something everyone from the party will be able to play with like a ball, toy car, action figures, playdough clay, a robot, a toy car, legos, etc. 

#6 - Superhero Mask

Masks are perfect for a superhero-themed party.  Prepare different superhero masks before the guests leave and let them choose which of these would they prefer to take home.

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  1. These are all great ideas. I think my favorite is the Mini Piggy Bank.


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