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5 Reasons to Buy a Car in January

For most folks, heading into the new year is a time of making resolutions. One of the biggest resolutions that people make for the new year is to budget better and spend less money. While saving is always a hot topic of conversation in January, there are absolutely certain things you might want to consider purchasing in January. If the idea of spending money to save money is leaving you scratching your head, you're certainly not alone. Large ticket purchases, however, like cars, can make a lot of sense in terms of savings when you bite the bullet and make your purchase in January. Let's take a look at a few reasons why you might want to consider buying a car in January.

Buying a model from the previous year can save you thousands!

You know what they say- the longer a car sits on the lot, the more it decreases in monetary value. Car dealerships will make more money selling off the newest car models than they will the older models, especially those of previous seasons. It's a fantastic idea to head into your car shopping with an eye on last year's model. These models are still in fabulous condition, and probably still have all the bells and whistles you're wanting or needing. Since they've been on the lot for a year, chances are the prices have been slashed to move the car. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars on your purchase.

Dealerships want and need sales in January.

Just like January is slow in terms of retail sales for so many businesses, it can also be a slow month for car sales. Since all businesses are hungry to make sales in the first month of the new year, dealers are often willing to negotiate and cut deals on cars to make sales. Don't be afraid to name your price on what you're willing to pay for a new car in January, and ask what the dealership can do for you to make it work.

Top-end models might be a better deal.

Top of the line, fully loaded luxury vehicles are much harder to sell, simply because they are much more expensive than standard models. They wind up being leftovers on the lot, and oftentimes, the previous year's models are priced to move, so dealers can get the off the lot.

Finances might be in better shape.

January is a great time to buy a vehicle if you have worked hard to revamp your finances, rebuild your credit, or have saved to make this purchase in the new year. While vehicle purchases are large expenses, it's honestly better for you to buy a car than it is to lease one. Of course, leasing is always an option if buying is not possible.

Dealerships want your business.

A new year, a new month, new quotas. Although January is often a slow month for sales, many dealerships are equipped with sales staff who are recharged and energized, and ready to make sales to meet monthly and yearly quotas and goals. They will be eager to draw in and assist new customers, and will likely work with you to help you get into the car you're wanting.

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