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Your Child Can Step into their Favorite Story with In the Book Personalized Books! #MBPHGG19

I partnered with In the Book on this sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

What's been the most exciting part of our 2019 holiday season thus far? Just like many others, we've been in a FROZEN II daze, and we've been absolutely loving it! We waited with anticipation for the biggest animated Disney movie of 2019 to release in theaters, and we're truly obsessed since seeing it. My kids are begging to see it again, but our schedules are slightly insane right now, and we're stocking up on FROZEN II everything at home!

As you can probably already tell, FROZEN II gifts are at the top of just about every little one's list this season. I can't walk into a store without FROZEN merchandise greeting me front and center. My sweet girl has a FROZEN gift list a mile long, and I love FROZEN so much that I just can't help but want to spoil her rotten. Aside from toys, my husband and I try our best to be pretty selective when it comes to holiday gifts for both of our kids. Bean is at the age where she is learning to read, and we hope to instill a life-long love of reading in her.

Giving our kids special books is a holiday tradition for our family. They are always so surprised to receive special books, and this season, Beanie Boo's most prized possession is a very special personalized FROZEN II book from In The Book.

In the Book puts kids in their favorite stories!

 A personalized FROZEN II book, just for my sweet little Beanie!

In the Book gives parents and gift-givers the unique opportunity to get their kids truly connected with their favorite characters by putting kiddos directly into their favorite stories! While FROZEN II is a new story, or new chapter of the FROZEN story, it has quickly become a favorite. After seeing FROZEN II on the big screen, we have every song memorized, and are left wanting more FROZEN!

Your child will be delighted to see their name right on the cover of their personalized book from In the Book! There are tons of themes and stories to choose from. Start by selecting the story your child will love to read and be a part of. If a Disney story is what your child craves, there's an entire selection of Disney story titles.

 Beanie can't get enough of this amazing book, and the best part is- she gets to be in the story!

It was so easy to personalize this special book for Bean. I simply provided her name, a special message from the gift-givers (mommy and daddy), and included a photo, so she can see herself directly in the book!

Learning to read has never been more fun or exciting! This book tells part of the story told in FROZEN II and includes some of our favorite parts from the movie! I laugh and smile, and also get teary every time I read this book to Bean, just like I did when I sat in the movie theater. If you haven't seen the movie, I won't go into detail about the actual story, but I will say that the book is crazy close- almost exact in matching up with the movie, and they so cleverly wrote it so that your special child can be included in this very special tale.

A personal photo and a message with a hug from Olaf is the perfect ending to this story!

The book is hardcover, which is awesome because my sweet girl really loves her books well if you catch my drift. It's perfectly told, leaving no detail to the imagination, and is beautifully illustrated. I love that it is a longer-length book than most. We can easily sit and read this book for twenty minutes, or break it up and read it a little bit at a time. My favorite thing to see is Beanie's older brother sitting with her and reading this book to her. That's a Christmas gift in itself to me!

Want it? Get it!

In the Book makes it easy to personalize your child's favorite story! They'll be so thrilled to find themselves on an adventure with their favorite friends! Shop for books by theme, category, age, gender, etc. There are even books available for grownups! Books start at $24.99 and there are several FROZEN books to choose from if you have a big FROZEN fan in your life!

I couldn't be happier with the way Bean's book turned out, and cannot wait to order more special books for the littles in my family from In the Book!

Hop on over to In the Book to check out their entire collection of personalized books, perfect for gifting during the holidays- or for just about any other occasion you could think of!

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Which of these personalized books would you love to give to someone special this holiday season?

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Special thanks to In the Book for allowing me to share about their beautiful personalized books this holiday season.

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