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Wicked Cool Holiday Gifts for Kids of All Ages from Wicked Uncle + $50 Gift Code #Giveaway #MBPHGG19

Thank you to Wicked Uncle for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

Looking for the perfect holiday gifts for kids? I have two kids, five years apart in age, so that can make gift-giving a bit challenging around the holidays. They aren't close enough in age to be able to share big gifts, nor do they have similar interests. My kids have Amazon gift lists a mile long, but after a while, every single item on their list starts to look like the one before it. I let my 9-year-old add his own gifts to his wish list this year, and when I went back to look at it, I had to do some major editing to remove items he simply wasn't old enough for. Ever run into that problem with your kids?

Thankfully, Wicked Uncle is saving me from the hunt for the perfect holiday gifts for my kids this season, and they're here to help you out, too! They have an incredible selection of gifts for kids of all ages, and the best part- there are cool gift guides, and you can also easily search for gifts by age, gender, and more! Check out the recent article by pigtail pals too and get amazing ideas of surprising your littles on their special day.

Unique gifts for boys!

Awesome gift picks for boys ages 6+ and 8+ are available at Wicked Uncle.

My oldest is nine years old, and he is all boy! I mean, he really loves Nerf related items, and loves to visit our local Dart Battle Arena for real dart battles with friends! It's a hoot, and this year, you can bet he asked for a bunch of Nerf gifts. Wicked Uncle not only has some cool Nerf gift items available, they also have other cool dart and laser/target gifts!

Nerf Vortex ($21.99)

The Nerf Vortex is a great gift for kids who love to be active!
We're trying to get our son to want to go outside and play, even when it's chilly outside. He's at the age where video games are most appealing, but this gift is the perfect way to get him (and his dad) out the door and spending time together! It's a great size for travel- we plan on bringing it along on our holiday vacation!

Fun throwing with the Nerf Aero Vortex that whistles and its thrown.

This foam howler has a hand grip to target your passes better and a long-distance tail to send it flying much further - the record so far being 100 yards! It also has a built in whistle that 'howls' as it flies through the air, letting everyone know the ball is on the way. Easy to drop in a backpack and take along to start up a game almost anywhere and anytime. Brilliant fun, recommended.

The Glowstriker Hovering Target Game is going to the the holiday surprise of the century! I don't think that B has ever seen anything quite like this! We have various target style games, but with this one, the targets actually hover, and you have to hit them while they're floating in mid-air! Amazing, right? I cannot wait to see B playing this game with his dad and his uncle this Christmas! I have a feeling they're all going to be vying for turns with this super cool toy!


Place the soft styrofoam balls onto the target air base, switch on and watch as a current of air makes the balls levitate and float.

Now the ultimate shoot out can begin – cock the pistol, load with the soft foam darts, take aim and fire! As your shooting skills develop, you can even adjust the height of the balls by switching to high power for added difficulty. Better yet, the target balls glow for night play. Effective from about 12 feet and comes with 10 balls - who can hit them first!

For Mommy's Little Helper...

Do you have a little helper at home? My sweet Little Bean (age 3) loves to help mommy cook and clean. She's actually an amazing helper and does well helping me clean up messes with a hand vac, but she always wants to use the larger vacuum, which is much too heavy for her to maneuver. This adorable Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner is just the right size for little ones who want to help mom or dad with daily home chores. I cannot wait to see Beanie's face light up when she sees her very own vacuum cleaner that she can pick up and play with any time she likes!


Realistic, kid-sized Dyson Ball vacuum toy with working suction, sound, and cyclone action.

This 25" tall toy vacuum, modeled after a real Dyson Ball, is just like the real thing. The clear vacuum chamber features colorful, whizzing cyclone action, while realistic sounds play. The ball action means the vacuum is easy to maneuver and corners like a dream. And it features a removable dust box with actual working suction. Let your Little Helper access their inner neatnik!

Another wonderful gift option for a sweet little girl in your life is the adorable Lottie Pony Club Starter Set! The beloved Lottie Doll is a highly sought-after gift for young girls. Beanie fell in love with horses over the summer after we visited a friend's new farm, where Bean got to help feed the horses. It was such a sweet experience to witness! This is the perfect little starter set for any pony lover! It comes with a sweet Lottie doll, ready for riding, and a beautiful pony!

Lovely horse and rider set, looking after your first pony.

This adorable set includes a beautiful black pony and her rider, Lottie, with luscious blonde hair. Lottie comes fully equipped in equestrian garb including riding jacket, riding pants, riding boots, shirt, tie and riding helmet. Seren the horse even gets her own horse blanket. Both of them have lovely, tangle-resistant hair that's easily brushable. You can even join the Lottie Club online for new ideas about how to play with and look after your horse and compete with other Lottie players. Giddy Up!

Keep it a surprise until Christmas!

Wicked Uncle's gift-wrapping option takes the hassle out of your holiday!

I love wrapping gifts, but with 20+ people to shop and wrap them for, I am slowly becoming over it! It takes me weeks to get every last gift wrapped and tagged, and then shipped off to the right place. Some get mailed, and some go to various homes of family members in town to wait under their trees!
Whew- it's a lot of work!

Wicked Uncle offers gift-wrapping, so you receive beautifully wrapped gifts, ready to hand to the recipient! I was so surprised by how well the wrapping paper stayed intact- not a single tear. The paper is thick, high quality wrapping paper... none of that flimsy paper that tears with ease. You can also add an optional gift tag. PLUS- Wicked Uncle will throw in an easy to sign postcard for kids to send back to the gift-giver to thank them for the gift! I absolutely love that!

Want them? Get them!

Whether you need a big gift or a little something, Wicked Uncle has unique, fun, and educational gift options for kiddos! They have such a large selection to choose from, and don't worry- since you can shop by category, age, etc., you won't be overwhelmed when you start looking. It's so easy to find the perfect gift at Wicked Uncle! Don't forget about their gift-wrapping option. It's a great way to spend more time enjoying the holidays rather than madly wrapping stacks of presents!

Head over to Wicked Uncle to shop their selection of holiday gifts for kids.
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What will you choose to gift from Wicked Uncle this holiday season?

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Good luck and happy holidays!


  1. I like the peppermint twist big snow tube.

  2. The little dyson is soooo cute my granddaughter would love it

  3. The Dyson vacuum. My daughter would love it so much!!

  4. That Nerf Vortex would be a hit! We have a park down the street and it would be awesome to take it there.

  5. I love the peppermint snow tube we have a great hill to go down thanks for the chance

  6. My son would love the Toy Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner !!

  7. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing blog that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. gifts

  8. The Nerf Vortex football would be great for my 10 year old son.

  9. I had no idea this online store existed. Great stuff! I like the IQ PUZZLER PRO - 2D & 3D BRAIN TEASER.

  10. I would pick the Dyson Vacumm toy and the Lottie Pony doll.

  11. Toy Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner is adorable!

  12. I LOVE the kids Dyson ball vacuum! I would get that for my Grandson because he likes to help me clean and he would really like that!

  13. The Dyson vacuum would be my choice

  14. my daughter is a sock freak lol - I would get her the Donuts - Six Odd Socks


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