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Why HVAC Systems Fail

An HVAC system just like any other complex machine contains several components. It is never recommended to attempt doing the repairs on your own, as you could end up making the problem worse. There are a couple of moving parts in such a complex unit and they are bound to fail at some point. The best thing to do would be to look for a professional so that a permanent fix to the problem is being provided. Maintaining comfort is important, especially during the winter when the temperatures have plummeted. There are some common causes for HVAC failure and we’re going to highlight some of them. Visit TerraBloom for Grow tents that help you plant indoors.

Dirty Filters
Replacing the filters might seem like an obvious thing to do but there are some people that will completely forget to do so. Experts recommend changing the filters every month. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s manual in order to know the exact frequency of the replacement. There are some filters that can take up to three months before they need to be replaced. A clogged filter will inhibit airflow. That means that the unit will have to work harder in order to cool and heat the home. This will ultimately lead to faster wear and tear. You might also experience increased energy bills.
Old Unit
You could have an HVAC unit that is more than 10 years old. Such a unit is not likely to be efficient and up to par with the demands of a modern home. You could be spending a lot on repairs because the system keeps breaking down. The best solution would be to get a new unit. Even though the upfront cost will be steep, you will not have to worry about constant repairs for years to come. You also get to save on energy bills, which should be a big motivation to replace the unit.
Broken Thermostat
Broken thermostats have been cited as among the main reasons for failed HVAC systems. The good news is that a broken thermostat is something that can easily be repaired or replaced. The thermostat helps with setting the temperatures. If it is broken, it could be issuing misleading commands to the HVAC unit. Having a broken thermostat might not be too obvious, especially if there are no major deviations with the room temperatures. If there is an HVAC failure, the first thing you should be checking is the thermostat.
Leaking Refrigerant
This is common with most air conditioning systems. It can come about because of a couple of reasons. When there is a leaking refrigerant, you’re likely to experience poor performance because of inefficiencies with the system. A condenser unit requires refrigerant for cooling purposes. The system will not cool properly when there isn’t enough refrigerant.
Tripped Breaker
If the HVAC unit isn’t working at optimum capacity, it is possible that the issue could be that the circuit breaker was tripped. The breaker role is to provide a constant flow of power to the unit. The solution could be as simple as restoring the breaker so that power is flowing to the unit. If the problem is not resolved, there could be an underlying issue and you will need to call a technician to look at the unit.
Frozen Coil
You can avoid having a frozen coil by regularly cleaning and replacing the filter in the HVAC system. Blocked or dirty ductwork will cause issues with airflow in the unit.
Neglecting Maintenance
The purpose of having scheduled maintenance is so those potential problems can be discovered early before they get out of hand. Most homeowners will only start looking for a technician when it is too late. Sometimes the issue might have been resolved by getting Cheap ducted from Active Air Solutions but you wait until it spreads to other parts of the HVAC unit. Make sure you’re working with an experienced emergency hvac repair Phoenix technician. You can void the manufacturer’s warranty if you avoid doing the maintenance.

To sum it up, you can avoid some of the common HVAC failures when there is a scheduled maintenance plan in place. Make sure you’re working with an experienced technician. You will not spend a lot on repairs if the problem is discovered early. Getting the right technician could be a challenging endeavor. That is why it is recommended that you do due diligence. Ideally, the person should be from your locality and have a physical presence. They will not do anything questionable to hurt their reputation.

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