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What type of Material for Your Garden Shed Lasts the Longest

Gardening is one of the best hobbies that you can have if you love outdoors. All the tools that are required for pruning and managing the garden need to be stored in a shed. A garden shed is an investment that will help you to keep the tools safe from the weather and thefts. Whether you are planning to buy your first garden shed or need to replace the old one, the choice of the material is the question that will surely baffle you. People all over the country rely on online and physical stores to buy the garden sheds. Aston Sheds UK is the leading garden shed manufacturer, but you need to choose the company that fits your needs and requirements. The durability of the garden shed can influence the buying decision, and everyone would want to buy the garden shed that has low maintenance and can last for a lifetime. Following is the list of durable garden shed materials:

Metal Sheds: 
In older times, the metal sheds did not offer a lot of variety, and this is why they were considered less attractive, and many people preferred to install the wooden sheds. With the advancement in 3D printing and other technologies, you will find beautiful and alluring metal sheds in the market. Metal sheds are the symbol of durability and can last for anywhere between 22-25 years. They can be used to store the gardening tools and can withstand harsh weather conditions as well. 
Wooden Sheds:
They are the most popular garden sheds in the country. They offer a great mixture of tradition and modern design and can be easily modified. The cost of the wooden shed depends upon the material used to make the shed. The cost of the wooden shed is high if high-quality wood is used. A wooden garden shed lasts for 8-12 years. The only downside to the wooden sheds is that they need regular maintenance. 
Plastic Sheds:
If you are after durability and affordability, then plastic sheds are the right option for you. The plastic sheds are easy to assemble and need less maintenance as compared to wood and metal sheds. One of the downsides of installing plastic sheds is that they are not secure and can be affected by sudden changes in temperature. The average plastic shed lasts for 15 years. You can also find some high-end plastic sheds in the market that can last for 20 years. The plastic sheds are recommended for modern gardens where you have less space.  
Among all the material options discussed, metal is the clear winner. It offers security and lasts longer than its alternatives. The garden shed needs to be strong enough to sustain the harsh weather, and you can rely on the metal sheds for storing the garden furniture and garden tools easily. Choosing the right material when installing the garden shed is imperative. You also need to make sure that you keep the size and other specifications in mind when selecting the garden shed. 


  1. I've been hoping to get a new shed, since my old one is getting pretty run down. I like that metal sheds last so long!

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