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What Are Your Favorite Holiday Menu Items And Traditions?

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions and menu items?

Every year, after a busy morning filled with presents, breakfast and special time with my mom and dad, we load up the family to visit my aunt about 50 minutes away. 

She spends a good portion of the day cooking a delicious meal for everyone in the family and it's always spectacular! My mom and her sisters have a very special bond and this year was especially difficult after the very recent and sudden loss of one of their sisters.

Her loss was felt among everyone present on Christmas day, but my aunt and mom did their best to make the holiday as seamless and joyous as always. I know it isn't easy to be missing a loved one during the holidays. It's difficult every day of the year, but for some reason holidays are extra tough as they bring about many memories of experiences shared. 

My aunt prepared her famous "stuffing balls" and paired with the juicy and tender turkey, sweet potatoes and deviled eggs, we feasted like kings and queens. 

What is your favorite holiday menu item or tradition you enjoy? We have a few, but I know my kids love having my parents spend the night on Christmas Eve and then venturing to visit my aunt's house in the afternoon. 

It's always my personal goal to create memories that my kids can carry with them for the rest of their lives. I hope and pray that each of you had a wonderful Christmas and as the new year approaches, may you be blessed and filled with peaceful days and restful nights!


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