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Ways to Improve the Design of Your Family Home

Family homes should, of course, be a pleasant space to spend time together. Therefore they should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also practical enough to carry out daily activities and practicalities. You should also have plenty of room and storage for toys, clothing and any other extras that come with having kids in tow. If you’re tired of tripping over trainers in the hallway, cramming sports equipment into a tiny cupboard or having mealtimes that feel panicked and rushed, then here are some tips to improve the functionality of your home. 

Update Your Bathroom

Older bathrooms feel like more work to get clean. If you have old grouting, dated fixtures and scuffed flooring, it can feel as if it takes a century just to get it looking presentable. This is where a custom bathroom redesign comes in handy. Talking with a local bathroom fitter and bespoke designer, such as those at nonpareilsolutions.co.uk, will help you plan out a modern bathroom that works for you. Ultimately, a modern bathroom for a family needs to have a decent bathtub, a shower, and plenty of storage to keep bath products and bath toys in order. 

Knock Through

The prospect of ‘knocking through’ can seem a bit intimidating if you’ve never made any substantial changes to your home before. However, sometimes smaller homes do require a bit of a structural change in order for them to maximize their potential. The most popular rooms to do this to our living rooms and kitchens and then dining rooms through to kitchens. 

Knocking through — or maybe even expanding your home — will only be truly effective if you de-clutter your home. The best way to maximize the functionality of your home is to use storage and maybe even purge some unused items. Old toys, unloved clothing, and general knickknacks can be taken to the charity shop to create more space in your family home. There’s no use in knocking through if the extra space will be filled with more junk and clutter.

Keep It Warm 

Don’t forget the basic functionality of keeping your home warm. A house that is plagued with cold draughts and that struggles to keep the elements outside is never comfortable for anyone. Keeping your home warm in the cold may require a sizeable investment. You may need to replace the double-glazing, install a heavier-duty door and maybe even look at getting your heating updated. The long-term benefits for your family will always be worth it — it’s just a case of setting aside the budget and weighing up what will work for your home in the climate you live in. 

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