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Waiakea Water Leads The Way In Showing Why Being Sustainable Is Better For The Bottom Line

Many people have believed that the main point of a company is to maximize profits for its shareholders. People didn't expect anything more out of a company. This idea has been changing over the past few decades and people now do expect more. They expect them to have a corporate social responsibility initiative that does more than just meet the bare standards of legal mandates.
Some believed, and unfortunately still believe, that operating a sustainable company would hurt their company's bottom line. This has turned out to be false. Research has shown that companies that conscientiously incorporate sustainability into their business model have six business advantages over those that don't.

Improved Brand Image Among Consumers
In a recent study, nearly 60% of American consumers said that they take into account a company's impact on the environment when choosing what products and services to buy. This means that 68 million people in the United States look favorably at companies that have been shown to follow through on social and environmental values. Colgate, like other companies, used this to promote their water conservation efforts in a Super Bowl commercial.

Reduced Expenses and Increased Productivity
Rather than cutting into profits, operating sustainably actually reduces expenses and increases employee productivity. A sustainable business naturally operates more efficiently, making better use of resources. This includes turning off lights at the end of the day, saving unnecessary energy expenses.

Easier to Comply With Regulations
State and federal governments are putting in place regulations to protect the environment. By integrating environmental practices into a company's business model, it is easier to be proactive in meeting these requirements.

Your Company is More Attractive Employees
People want to work for and invest in companies that are positive. Millennials, especially, grew up with an emphasis on environmental protection. People don't want to work for a company that carelessly spills oil or has social welfare scandals. 

Waste is Reduced
Environmentally responsible companies produce less waste and so save money. This includes using less paper, recycling efforts, using less raw materials, and replacing incandescent lights with LEDs. 

Investors are Happier
Being serious about sustainability reduces costs. This leads to larger profits which makes investors happy. Research has shown that companies who understand their sustainability challenges make more money. Increased sales and reduced costs lead to a win for consumers, employees, companies, and shareholders.
Waiakea Water
Hawaii-based Waiakea Water is a brand that built its business model around being sustainable. It produces healthy, pristine bottled water. It responsibly sources water from a renewable supply on the Big Island. The water is put into bottles that are responsibly manufactured using recycled plastic. It sources 33% of the energy used in its facility from renewable sources.

A socially responsible company, Waiakea Water donates clean, fresh water to people in rural parts of Africa. This is done through a partnership with the nonprofit Pump Aid. Water pumps are installed that give remote communities access to water. More than 500 million liters of water has been donated through this partnership.

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