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Universal Yums: International Snacks Delivery

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Thanks to Universal Yums for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

I love to travel, it’s probably one of my favorite things next to my family.  When we were in law school, my husband and I were lucky enough to spend a summer in Europe for a study abroad and backpacking.  While we were there, we developed a bit of a ritual for when we hit a new town: we would always head straight to a grocery store and pick out a few things that we hadn’t seen anywhere else and looked amazing.  If I’m perfectly honest, these experiences could be hit and miss, but the vast majority of what we found was pretty great!  My all-time favorite was White Chocolate Paste—think Nutella, but with white chocolate—from The Netherlands; I may have “smuggled” home three jars, but that’s a very different blog post. 

But, as life with a little one goes, we haven’t been able to travel very much for the past few years.  While we miss almost everything about traveling, the sights, the people, what my husband and I miss most of all is the food, those snacks and treats special to an area that you can’t get in your local grocery store.  That’s why when I heard about Universal Yums, I rushed to try them out! 

Universal Yums is a subscription service that delivers treats from around the world right to your doorstep!  Once a month, a box stuffed with goodies arrives at your door—or the door of the lucky person to whom you gift a subscription—allowing you and your tummy to escape your every day and visit tons of new places, or at least your taste buds can visit.

The boxes come in three sizes: (1) Yum, (2) Yum Yum, and (3) Super Yum and each contains, in addition to the snacks, a booklet containing snack explanations and trivia!  The subscription is also very affordable, starting at less than $15 per Yum Box! 

I have been enjoying December’s Yum Yum Box, which contained twelve holiday treats from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America! I really appreciate that the box contains a good mix of sweet and savory treats, so there’s always something that I’m in the mood for!  I can say that, while I loved the Cinnamon Cookie White Chocolate Bar from Belgium, I was the most surprised and impressed by the Ube (sweet purple yam) Shortbread Cookie from the Philippines!

I can honestly say that I so enjoyed this around-the-world treat that we signed up to get the box for a year and I already can’t wait to see what and where it brings us in 2020!  I hope you check out Universal Yums and enjoy them as much as I do! 

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