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Top tips for traveling with the kids when they’re small

Some parents will go as far as to not travel with small children at all. The perceived nightmare of uncontrolled motion sickness and crying from the back seats is enough to make many parents wait until late infancy. However, it is still possible to travel with your little ones without disaster striking. Of course, you will have to shake up your routine a little bit to go abroad or hit the open road, but it may be worth it for the photos afterwards.

Opt for camping or RVs 

If you worry about staying in a hotel room because of the sound of a newborn crying or you want more flexibility than staying in a cottage, then camping and RVs are the ultimate low-maintenance way of traveling with your family. Campsites often allow a mixture of travel homes and tents, and the community spirit is great for small children. Making friends on the campsite and having dinner by an open fire is a perfect way to form early memories on vacation. If you have been thinking about starting family vacations in an RV, but are concerned about the initial costs, then a used model is a much more cost-effective option – and you will be surprised at how new a second-hand Class C RV for sale will look and feel. 

Pack plenty of snacks

Dips in blood sugar can be catastrophic when you’re traveling with small children. Tantrums and difficult behavior are frequently the result of hunger and a prolonged period of time since their last meal. It’s also helpful to those with travel sickness to eat before traveling; a full stomach is much more pleasant to travel on. Incidentally, ginger biscuits are also incredibly helpful for upset stomachs during long car journeys. 

Keep a collapsible buggy on you

Collapsible buggies are useful if you don’t want to push around a large stroller, but you still need somewhere for your children to rest. Even if your little ones are starting to walk, a buggy can be useful for rests. They can be propped open in cafes and restaurants, or in parks if one of your children wants to nap on a walk; it’s a useful way of avoiding tiredness tantrums while on holiday. 

Split shifts

While there will be plenty of relaxing moments on your holiday, some if it will inevitably be quite stressful at times. Looking after small children is incredibly tiring, and as you will know, very mentally taxing – even on vacation. Some people recommend alternating your breaks, or reserving a space for one parent to “take 10.” Taking it in turns to play frisbee in the park or play board games while the other takes a nap or has a quiet read will help to ensure that your vacation is as relaxing as you had always hoped it would be. 

Have an emergency plan in place in case you need to take care of medical emergencies on the go. Knowing where the closest medical professionals are in your area will be a huge help to you and help to lessen your anxiety in the heat of the moment. Should a situation arise where you need immediate dental care, you can look to Kessler Dental Associates to accommodate your needs.

The best way to take a vacation with small kids is to not be too precious about any aspect of the vacation: children will get grumpy, you will be tired, and you might need to take time out. However, by being realistic and tailoring your time to your children’s interests and needs will help to keep a pleasant equilibrium. 

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