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The Last Sunday of 2019

Another year is almost in the books.  To say that this year was anything less than wonderful, stressful, and beautiful is definitely not giving 2019 the credit it deserves.  I am sure I am not the only one facing ups and downs, but I have to say the ups have truly made me realize what I am capable of. This is the last Sunday of the decade- having been born in 1981 I have seen a few of them but by far this decade has been my favorite with everything that I have accomplished and everything I plan for the future.
The last decade has brought so much growth in my professional and personal life.  Each struggle I faced only brought me to where I am now.  I know the holidays bring out sadness, pain, and at times anger which makes the holidays not too bright, but I hope in sharing my experience  you will see all you accomplished too.


October 2009- I saw my first concert.  Of course you know it Bon Jovi.  A beautiful concert and he sang my favorite song 😍

June 2010- I became engaged.  My future husband pulled out all the stops to make this a memorable day.  We met working in the mall- him a security guard and I worked in a piercing booth.  He proposed in the center court of the mall with the blessing and camera of the owner of the mall.  I never saw it coming.

May 2011- I married my best friend with our two kids giving me away.  

June 2011- I came home from our honeymoon feeling sick and had to have emergency surgery for my gallbladder-  talk about in sickness and in health... we were only married for 4 days.

September 2012- I earned my first degree.  Something I always wanted but never thought I would get.

June 2013- My husband lost his job.  He was the provider and it put us in dire financial straits.  It put a heavy burden on our marriage and we thought about giving up.  

April 2014- Our beloved dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge. To this day it is the most devastating loss we have ever felt.  

January 2015- Hubby started working again and we were finally able to slowly catch up on bills, but more importantly each other.  The last year taught us that struggles were made easier with someone by your side. 

May 2016- I left my long term job because I was physically, mentally, and emotionally overwhelmed with the bad management, the lack of work ethic, and just the ethics of how to treat others.  Having been there for 8 years it was scary to leave, but it was one of the best decisions I have made.  No one should stay in a bad environment.  

June 2016- I started my new job and while at times I feel stressed the people that are around me daily are the most caring, fun loving, and best people in the world. I love them so much.

June 2017- I got on my first airplane to see a great friend get married.  I got to visit Texas.

September 2017-  A close friend of my husband's passed away.  His death was tragic and so unexpected.  It reminds us to love those we are with and never forget that people struggle even if you don't see it.  Be nice ALWAYS.

May 2018- My father was in a car accident because he passed out behind the wheel.  When he got to the hospital we found there were 2 tumors on his brain.  One was removed and the other inoperable.  We were told it would be best if we prepared for goodbye.  Having him wake up was one thing but the struggle he faced to start talking again and eat was very hard to watch. 

December 2018- My husband was reinstated to his job he lost all the way back in 2013.  It was a long road but he is back to doing what he loves.  The truth will set you free always.

January 2019-  Adopted my puppy.  After 5 years and pictures every day my husband finally relented.  

July 2019- I took my big sister to go see New Kids on the Block- It helped that there were other acts there but this was a dream come true from a 7 and 9 year old girl. 

Here we are on the last Sunday of 2019 and while I shared the highlights of what happened over the last decade there are so many things I didn't.  Over the years I have been a part of this blog, I have shared so much of myself with all of you.  It has been uncomfortable at times, but while I struggled with that you may have been struggling with much worse.  People always tell you that when you are going through a hard time someone has it worse than you....   it doesn't minimize what you are going through.  Please know that from this mom to all our mommy readers I am always a comment away. You do not have to struggle alone. 

To those struggling today, I promise things will get better.
Happy New Year Mommies!!

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