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Smart Winter Car Hacks

Winter can be such a beautiful time of year. If you're in an area that receives snow and other wintry weather, it can certainly warm your heart to see snow gently falling down and blanketing the ground. Ice crystals form dazzling and eye-catching works of art, enjoyed by all who see it. On the flip side, winter comes with lots of headache-inducing moments and can bring about a lot of extra stress, especially for car owners and drivers. Scraping ice, defrosting windshields, and shoveling snow just so you can leave your house on time isn't how anyone wants to start off a lovely winter day. Here are some simple winter car hacks which will help you be able to enjoy the winter.

Say Goodbye to a Foggy Windshield

You could spend a pretty penny on defogger products, or you could use these simple hacks to get rid of fog fast! Start by spreading a thin layer of shaving cream on the inside of your windshield. It might look and sound silly, but you'll be pleased with the final result! After the application, wipe the shaving cream away with a towel. This will leave behind an invisible layer which will serve as a barrier between the windshield and any condensation that may creep into your vehicle, leaving you with a clean windshield inside. You can also fill a sock with kitty litter and leave it on the dash, or purchase an inexpensive humidity absorber and leave it in your car to soak up excess moisture.

Makeshift Ice Scrapers

If you can't find your ice scraper (because they can never be found when you need them), think outside the box and use something you know you can easily find in your home. You can quickly clear your windshield with a kitchen spatula. The heavy-duty rubber or silicone spatulas work best. You can also use a thick plastic card, plastic CD case (if you still have any), etc.

Thaw Frozen Doors with Alcohol

Ever try to get into your car only to find that you can't open the door? If your car door is frozen and stuck, leaving you unable to open it, there is an easy fix for that. Gently pour rubbing alcohol over the frozen area. The seal is usually where the door tends to become stuck, so just a little alcohol along the seal should start to melt the ice or thaw the frozen door in no time. If you don't have alcohol on hand, you can even use wet wipes or hand sanitizer.

Tilt Your Windshield Wipers Up

If you're worried about heavy frost, snow, or ice in the morning, and don't want to deal with frozen windshield wipers, there's an easy solution. Lift the wiper blades up, and leave them in the upright position overnight. If they're lifted, they can't freeze and become stuck against your windshield in the morning if there are freezing temperatures overnight. This also helps you to quickly scrape away any frost, snow or ice in the morning.

Warming your car up for at least ten minutes before taking off on a cold morning is good for the car, and will also help to defrost the windshield, allowing you to clear it with ease.

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