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Planning a Wedding? Consider Starting Your Honeymoon Registry Too!

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All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own. 

Matt and I have been married for almost 18 years, but I still love reading about wedding trends and planning. It's kind of fun to imagine what would be different about our wedding day (or honeymoon) if we were planning it today instead of back in 2001. A somewhat recent trend that has caught my eye is putting together a honeymoon registry. I love the idea of guests having the ability to gift an experience versus more traditional gifts. This is likely because the holidays are upon us and I am overwhelmed with "stuff" and the fact that both girls have no idea what they want for Christmas, but I digress.

Sample Registries

If you have not yet heard of honeymoon registries, they are a lovely way of affording your loved ones the opportunity to contribute towards activities and experiences you and your spouse would like to enjoy on your honeymoon.
I feel like I have really been on a bit of a  *crusade* lately to incorporate more gifts of experience than gifts of items. Don't get me wrong,  traditional gifts are wonderful (everyone loves opening up a gift) but even when an experience ends, the memories are there for a lifetime.
Who wouldn't love to contribute to someone's happy memories?

Another great thing about putting together your honeymoon registry is that it could cut down on the worry your guests (who will be gifting cash) might feel. Cards can get misplaced, checks (or cash) could get lost, but making a direct donation through an online registry can resolve all of that. It also allows these guests the chance to give you something they know you want. Again, don't get me wrong cash is great, but (in my own opinion) I'd rather receive (and gift, for that matter) the opportunity to experience something special.

Destination Guides

With so many options and great things to explore, wouldn't you rather register for memories created by once in a lifetime experiences instead of more things? I loved my honeymoon, it was incredible and I was blessed to be able to enjoy it with my husband. I also absolutely appreciate each and every gift we received from our loved ones, I know they were heartfelt and given with great joy. However, if I could go back and create a honeymoon registry, I'm pretty sure I would.

If you were to create your honeymoon registry today, what kinds of activities or experiences would you include? Share your ideas in the comments, I'm looking forward to reading them. 


  1. This is a great idea! I will absolutely be looking into this if/when I ever get married.

    1. Right?!? What kinds of places and activities would you choose?

  2. This is an awesome ideas. Completely agree that memories are definetly a lot better than gifts. Although when the kids are young their beaming faces and smiles opening up gifts never get old! But we too are getting away from traditional gifts and look to gone vacation for the holidays rather than spend money on gifts. It's becoming a fad really, and kids these days arent really playing with toys unless it's a videogame or tablet.

    If I was to open up a honeymoon registry I'd want to experience zip lining, sky diving, swimming with the dolphins, scubadiving, carriage ride, motorcycle tour, kind of anything that gets your blood bumping and really makes it memorable or romantic.

    1. Those sound like amazing experiences. I think if I were still the age I was when I got married, I'd be open to trying all of those thing. Now that I'm older, I worry too much about the bad things that *could* happen, so sky diving is a big old nope!

  3. Replies
    1. I love it too! What kinds of activities would you and your spouse register for?

  4. Would love to have had a honeymoon registry with my wife. Could have come in really handy for some of the excursions when we went on our cruise.

    1. What kinds of excursions would you have gone on?


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