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My Letter to Santa

I can remember the year that I found out Santa was my parents.  As a kid this was traumatizing and I promised myself that my kids would believe for as long as they wanted.  They stopped believing long before I was ready for them to, but here I am writing my letter to Santa this year.  This is the year that Santa became more real to me and is granting wishes and good cheer.  I don't want or need anything, but to share with you my letter to Santa.
 Dear Santa,
 I haven't done everything right this year, but I tried my hardest.  I may have lost my patience when I should have been more understanding and I may have been angry over things that were petty, but I have learned my lesson.  If it were not for days like these, I wouldn't recognize the blessings I have every single day.  
My blessings come from the moment I open my eyes, because it means I am here to make the new day a brighter one.  I can choose what clothes to wear, because I have many to choose from.  I am able to take my time getting ready, because I have the time.  Granted there are days I feel rushed, but truly I do this to myself.  Life and time waits for no one and no one waits for life or time.  
I write this letter, because my belief is that we tend to ask for things that we want not realizing what we already have. 
This year has been trying, but I am still standing.  This year I ask for peace for all those that have lost their way.  I ask for love to all those that feel unloved.  I ask for time, because we could all use more of it.  Thank you Santa, for making me want to be better than previous years.  Thank you for making me believe in a greater good when I struggled to before.

What does your letter to Santa look like?
Share your thoughts and comments with me.

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