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Leading Into Christmas: The Busyness & The Blessings

It's 8:30 on a Friday night. I'm in my work out clothes, sitting at the dining room table, writing this post, which I should have written yesterday and published this morning. In truth, I am tired, and just want to get into my bed and watch Game of Thrones, as my hubby and friend Jenn convinced me (finally!) to watch it. In case you were wondering, I'm now hooked on GOT and want to binge-watch all the seasons. So, why didn't I post this morning? Good reason- I promise. I was a few hours from home, with my best girls, having a little celebration for a big achievement.

Lucie, receiving her pin at her pinning ceremony.

Last night, Lucie, my husband's cousin, graduated from nursing school and received her pin in the pinning ceremony. It was a jam-packed day for our family. The kids had school, I had to work, and Sacha also had to work- it was the last day of class for his college students, and their final exam day. I was able to pick B up from school a bit early, and then when Sacha got home around 2:30, we hopped into the car with an overnight bag and headed up the mountain to Cullowhee. 

Our days have been so long lately. The weeks have been running together, and I rarely know what day it is anymore. The Christmas countdown is giving me anxiety, and nothing seems to be slowing down. But none of that mattered yesterday- our goal was to be present for Lucie, and show her how much we love her, support her, and how very proud we are of her.

Lucie was just one year old when I met her for the first time. My family had just moved to Salisbury, and the church was super new to us. Lucie is Sacha's cousin- the oldest of three children from his Aunt Heidi and Uncle Paul. Heidi is Sacha's mother's sister. When I look back on my first few interactions with Lucie, a shy and absolutely beautiful and adorable toddler, I never could have imagined that we'd one day be related and that I would wind up loving her so much.

It's been amazing to be loved so much by my husband's family. It's honestly one of the biggest blessings in my life. We belong to each other, and it's felt that way for nearly twenty years.

Lucie has worked so hard to get through nursing school. She's been relentless in her studies and has held down part-time jobs while going to school for the past four years. I can't believe they've gone by so quickly. And now she's a nurse, who we trust with our questions, and who we will rely on for medical advice. Lucie is one of two bright and beautiful nurses in our family, as Sacha's sister, Rachel, is also a caring nurse, whom we love.

When we heard about Lucie's ceremony, all I could think of was that I wanted to be there. When she walked across the stage last night to receive her pin, I remembered the shy blonde-headed girl looking up at me while she burrowed her head into her mom's shoulder. I remembered my sweet junior bridesmaid when Sacha and I got married. I remembered countless hugs, all of the 'I love yous,' the laughs, the family gatherings during the holidays, and being so thankful that I've been blessed with the gift of watching Lucie grow up and being able to be a part of her life for nearly all of her life.

It would have been easy to let the 50 other things our family had going on this past week keep us from driving up the mountain yesterday. It's easier to love your family unconditionally and mean it when you say you'd do anything for them.

Yes, I'm busy, but I'm blessed.

Where are you finding blessings in the busiest time of year?

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