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Is Rose Gold Real Gold? The Answer and How to Tell

Did you know that rose gold made its first appearance in Russia? Carl FabergĂ© began incorporating copper-infused metal in his designs. Have you been wondering is rose gold real gold lately?
Keep reading to learn more about rose gold.

How Is Rose Gold Created? 
The way rose gold is created is when jewelers add alloys to give the metal a different color. The higher the amount of copper that is added the redder the color is. Typically jewelers add about 75% gold and 25% copper to create an 18-carat piece of jewelry.
Crown gold which is the highest version of rose gold is 22 karats. The crown gold version is approximately 99% pure gold. 
Is Rose Gold Real Gold?
Rose gold is no different from white gold, or yellow gold - yes it is real gold. A rose gold engagement ring has become as popular as the white or yellow gold option in recent years. 
Because it is mixed with copper it is much stronger and durable than gold by itself. The fact that it is mixed with copper does not take any value away from it. Rose gold doesn't require maintenance like white gold does. Giving you one less thing to think about.
Testing It
If you want to test the purity of your rose gold piece yourself, you can buy a chemical test kit to evaluate how pure the gold is. This will help you know if you did indeed get a piece that has 75% gold or higher.
You can also use the "touchstone" method. A gold coin that is rubbed against a dark stone will create streaks on the stone. The amount of copper in the streaks will show the amount of alloy that is in that piece of jewelry.
Cleaning Rose Gold
Like we mentioned earlier there is not much maintenance when it comes to taking care of your rose gold piece. You can follow this simple process to clean your jewelry piece every once in a while but make sure to not overdue it. 
First microwave one cup of water for 1-2 minutes. While that is heating up, line a bowl with aluminum foil with the shiny side up. When the water is done in the microwave pour it into the aluminum lined bowl along with one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of baking soda, and a tablespoon of dish soap. 
Soak your piece in the water mixture for 5-10 minutes and then remove and dry it with a lint-free cloth.
Feeling Like a Rose Gold Expert?
Now that you know more about rose gold and the answer to the question is rose gold real gold, are you feeling like a pro yet? There are so many beautiful rose gold pieces from watches to necklaces to engagement rings to earrings. We are sure that you will find a piece that you love too.

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