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How to Maintain Your Car So It Will Last Longer

Years ago, car owners purchased new or used vehicles every few years. Some even opted to lease a vehicle so they could get into a newer car even faster. Fast forward to today, and many car owners are driving their cars for ten years or more before they consider trading in for something newer. It's certainly not impossible to drive a car for ten years or more if you take care of it and its TDot Performance Parts properly. . Expecting a car to last forever when you don't regularly care for it is unrealistic, but with proper care, your car can last you many trips down the road. Let's take a look at some easy ways to maintain your car so it will last longer.

Regular oil changes are key. If you think you can drive your car for thousands of miles without having to have an oil change, you are sadly mistaken. Ignoring oil change recommendations can lead to huge problems with your vehicle if you're not careful. Most dealerships will send reminder emails or have their service center call you when your car is due for an oil change. You might have even purchased a maintenance package that includes a certain amount of discounted or free oil changes in each calendar year. Be sure to pay attention and keep any scheduled appointments for this type of maintenance. You can also track your mileage on your own so you will know when it's time to check your oil and when it's time to have an oil change.

Keep a good handle on your tires.
When it comes to tires, you will have to be the main person responsible for checking them. If your vehicle is fairly new, your car will indicate when the tire pressure is low. You can also check this by using a tire pressure gauge. If you have low tire pressure, simply add air to the tires that need it, being careful not to over-inflate your tires. Keep a close watch on the tire tread, as well. Bald tires can be dangerous for driving, and can also lead to balance issues for the car, which will ultimately lead to bigger problems. Your Michelin tires are going to get a lot of heavy use during your road trip, so you need to make sure they are in top condition.

Just like you change the air filters in your home, you need to change them in your car every once in a while. My husband and I changed the air filter in his car last year, and I was astonished by how clogged with dirt and dust the filter was when we removed it. Your car's heating and cooling system won't work properly if your air filter is clogged, and this can also affect your gas mileage. Keep it clear by changing it every so often. You should be able to do it yourself, but if you aren't comfortable with attempting it, or letting a YouTube video walk you through the process, it's highly recommended that you ask your dealership's service department to change it for you.

While these seem like little things that every car owner should know to do, you might be surprised by how many folks just tend to ignore simple maintenance for their vehicles. They won't last nearly as long as you want them to if you don't put in a little time, effort, and yes- money, into properly taking care of them. If you do, however, they'll last you a good long while, and you'll be able to be the one to make the decision to trade your car because you want to- not because you have to.

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