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Give Your Guy a Confident Christmas with VOLT Beard Coloring Kits #MBPHGG19

I partnered with VOLT on this sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

As a woman, one of the hardest things for me to accept is that my age is starting to show through my hair color. Each day, when I look into the mirror, silver strands are sparkling and shimmering through my once brown, now reddish hair. I like to joke and call the silver strands 'tinsel' during the holidays. I'm nearing forty years of age. I'll be thirty-seven in January, however, my husband (who is three years my junior) also has his fair share of grey and silver hair, and it's all in his beard.

While I love seeing the grey and white hair growing in my husband's facial hair, he's not too fond of it. He's only thirty-four and has a fully mixed colored beard with brown, grey, and white. When we ride in the car together, I can really get a good look at the coloring of his beard in the sunlight. The grey makes him 'feel old,' and he just wants to look and feel like his still-young thirty-four-year-old self.

A man and his beard- it's a personal thing!

My husband has had a beard since before I can remember. He talked about shaving it off once, and I begged him not to do it. He's quite attached to his beard, as most men are, and grooming and caring for it has become a part of his daily routine. When it comes to getting his beard 'just right,' it all comes down to length, shape, and color. How though, does a guy get the grey out of his beard? Can it even be done? Just as women color their hair, men can easily color their beards in under 60 seconds with VOLT.

VOLT is an easy-to-use beard coloring kit for men. VOLT is manufactured by EBA Design, maker of the world’s best performance makeup for the body art, beauty, entertainment and special effects industries. Made to last and look natural under the scrutiny of HD lenses and hot lights, our products are trusted on the sets of major motion pictures. Designed, tested and manufactured in-house from our labs in Costa Mesa, California, our formulations are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

Whether you (or your guy) are looking for a little beard color or a lot, VOLT will help you get the look you've been wanting in your beard. VOLT Beard Coloring Kits are easy to use, and are dye-free. It's as easy to apply as mascara, using a similar style wand to brush in the color into the facial hair.

To start a VOLT color application, you'll first need to find your perfect (or desired) shade at VOLT. Select a shade range from black, brown, or red. Once you select the color your beard is closest to on the VOLT website, you will then be given a selection of various shades of the color you selected. For instance, my husband's beard is brown, but has a fair amount of red highlights. We would choose the Brown Red shade to match his hair/beard color. If you're not sure which color to go with, or are stuck between two shades, it's a good idea to go with the lighter color.

VOLT Beard Coloring Application is So Easy! Anyone Can Do It!

Once you're matched with your VOLT Beard Coloring shade, your kit will arrive and you'll be ready to achieve your perfect beard in just a few easy steps. 

The Instant Beard Color contains 35 applications per tube.
Each application lasts for up to 48 hours.
10 ML | 0.35 FL OZ.

How to Apply VOLT

Applying VOLT to a beard is fast and easy. One full application can be done in just sixty seconds!

Start with a clean and dry beard.
Comb your beard with the comb in the direction your beard grows in.
Shake the tube with the cap on.
Remove the application brush, and gently scrape off any excess liquid.
Brush the color onto the beard- you can use a little to spot color the beard, or more to get full coverage. The full application can actually make your beard look thicker and fuller.
The application lasts for 48 hours. It's waterproof, sweatproof, and can easily be removed with warm water and soap/shampoo.


I stopped using hair dye a long time ago. I was tired of the harsh chemicals damaging my hair, not to mention the length of the process, and the mess it always made. Guys tend to have less patience than gals, and what guy wants to mess with chemicals, rubber gloves, brush/paint on applications, and waiting? With VOLT- you can choose how much coverage you want in the beard each and every time. Choose a little or a lot. Like the salt and pepper look? Rock it! Like the full coverage look? Go for full coverage applications of VOLT... and all it takes is 60 seconds to apply!

VOLT is safe, easy, and looks oh, so natural! Even the Founder of VOLT, Jaro Turek, is a regular VOLT user. VOLT stands by their products and delivers each and every customer with a simple and satisfying experience.

Want it? Get it!

If your guy has ever complained about his greying beard or made comments about the possibility of wanting to color his facial hair, VOLT would make an excellent gift! Personally, I like the idea of tucking a VOLT Beard Coloring Kit into a stocking as a stocking stuffer! The kit is compact, comes handsomely packaged, and is ready for gifting!

To gift VOLT:
Head to the VOLT website and Find Your Shade that most closely matches your/his beard color.
Order through the VOLT website for just $28.00 + Free Shipping. Receive 15% off your first purchase when you sign up on the VOLT website.

Connect with VOLT on Facebook and Insta.

Special thanks to VOLT for allowing me to share about their amazing dye-free Beard Coloring Kits.
Be sure to look for them in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

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