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Dear Mommy

There are so many things we are not prepared for as parents so when the unexpected happens what do we do? We doubt ourselves.  What if you had the opportunity to ask a parent that has been through it? What if there was an advice column like Dear Abby that answered your questions for you, would you feel more empowered? 

I had children before most of my friends, so I did a lot on my own.  I lost people that I thought were friends and I struggled to find the best mommy advice.  I read articles, books, and joined some mommy groups online, but I was never comfortable asking things that I struggled with.
Mommy's Block Party is looking to create a Mommy's advice column because of my struggles, but also because our readers are the best part of our blog.  We want to encourage, empower, and support other mothers and other women as we go through this thing called life.  

Stay tuned for Dear Mommy, Mommy's Block Party's advice column.

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