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Best Gifts for Hosts and Hostesses

When you're invited to a party or gathering, it is absolutely polite to bring along a little something for your host/hostess. A small gift can be as simple as a gift card, a houseplant, or baked good. Why bring a gift? A small trinket is a wonderful way to thank your host or to show your appreciation for being thought of. It's a thoughtful way to 'return the favor,' or if you're the guilty type, a great way to level the playing field.

While you do want to put a bit of thought into whatever gift you choose to bring along to the event or gathering's host, you don't need to overthink the gift. Elaborate gifts are a thing of the past, as many people are choosing to go with more minimalist lifestyles. Easy to care for and sustainable gifts are a wonderful choice, and are often super affordable. A plant that can be used in the kitchen, such as an herb is decorative, smells wonderful, and is useful in cooking and baking.

Does your host enjoy wine? Try to find out which type of wine they prefer- red, white, rose? NakedWinery.com has an amazing selection of wines to choose from and surprise your host with. Even if your host isn't the biggest wine-drinker, you can still bring along a nice bottle of red or white wine for the dinner table.

Another smart option is a great coffee subscription gift. If your host loves coffee, select a subscription that best suits their taste and lifestyle. Do they enjoy bold flavors? Various blends from all over the world contain more robust and rich flavors. Some blends from South America and Central America contain particularly dark notes which true coffee lovers will absolutely appreciate. A variety box with different blends and flavors may offer a unique mix of coffees to suit different moods. 

If your host often hosts big events, you might consider a gift certificate to a party rental service. For some large scale events, rental items like tents, tables, an chairs might be needed. Your host may even find themselves in need of a temporary bridge rental if planning a large party or event for a large group of people. Just imagine their surprise when you gift them such a thoughtful and out of the box thank you gift.

You'll definitely want to present your gift in a special way. Be sure to look for fun ideas as how to best package your gift for that extra wow-factor when you present it to your host or hostess. Giving them a thoughtful and useful gift will make them feel appreciated and they won't soon forget you, ensuring you will be invited to their next gathering or event as well. The only downside? You'll probably feel the need to top your most recent gift!

Happy gifting!

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