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Because You Want To Love The Way Your Man Smells - Guy Fox Has You Covered #MBPHGG19

Thanks so much to Guy Fox for providing review samples. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

Buying cologne for your guy is... DIFFICULT. Ladies, we are the ones that have to smell him everyday so it's important to us that he smells nice and fresh. 

Christmas shopping for the guy in your life can sometimes be tough when he goes and buys himself everything he needs, right? I love to buy my husband cologne but the biggest issue I have is how expensive these designer colognes can be. To actually find a cologne that smells amazing, I usually end up paying close to $100!

The guys at Guy Fox have an amazing solution to the cologne dilemma and I am super excited to get to share with you about this company!

GUY FOX is not your normal cologne company. We're just two California guys who got tired of paying huge mark-ups for cologne simply because it had some Italian dude's name on it. We've spent the last 2 years researching, testing, and developing our first 6 scents.
Our mission is to eliminate the exclusivity in the world of fragrance by focusing on premium quality, affordability, and convenience.
Liam is from "The Roy," attended Harvard of the North (Sonoma State University), and Wikipedia's everything he eats. He's the CEO which means he pretty much does everything from stressing about production delays to paying off the company credit card (yikes). Currently resides in San Francisco and somehow doesn't miss the sun.
Grant is from the Foothills of Northern California, also attended Harvard of the North, and is an avid sports fan. He's in charge of all things "content" which generally involves staring at blank pages for long periods of time. Currently resides in Santa Monica. Ironically enough, his favorite GUY FOX is the Marra, but the Grant is a close second. 
It's great to meet you, we're Liam and Grant. Let's smell better together.

Aren't you loving this company and these guys? If you're intrigued, you should be. I'm not surprised. When you visit Guy Fox, you'll simply fill out a little quiz so they can get a few ideas about the person who will be wearing the cologne. 

You will receive 3 samples in the mail and then you can decide which cologne is your favorite. 

You can get started with the Starter Kit for $59.50 and this is how it works:

How does the Starter Kit work? 
1) We'll send you the 3 samples tailored for you.
2) Try them, experience them, count compliments.
3) When you've found your favorite, use your Starter Kit Credit (we’ll email it to you) to get the full sized bottle. Seriously, no additional shipping costs or anything. It's all just $59.50.
Boom. Done. Foxed.

If you're not amazed yet, you're about to be. Also, how are you not amazed yet? You are, I'm sure of it. How about a cologne bottle with your guy's NAME ON IT! 

For $69.99, you can have a custom cologne bottle made. This would be such a special surprise.

Just in time for the holidays, check out their new Holiday Gift Box:

You can snag this exclusive set for $74.50 with free shipping! Customize the label and enjoy seeing his reaction when he opens this sweet box. 

How does it work? Good question!
1) Purchase the Holiday Gift Box and email us the custom name you want on the bottle (have fun with it!)
2) We'll send you samples of all 6 of our premium quality scents AND a limited edition black duffel bag.
3) Have him try the samples, live in them, count compliments, etc.
4) When he's found a favorite, have him use his Holiday Gift Box Credit (we’ll email it to you) to get 1 full sized Custom Bottle. Seriously, no additional shipping costs or anything. It's all just $74.50.

I'm so excited to try out a cologne made especially for my hubby from Guy Fox and I hope you'll check them out too. Anniversaries, birthdays or any day of the week is the perfect time to get him the gift of smelling good. Try the samples, pick the scent you love the most and receive your sleek bottle in the mail at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a fancy Italian bottle of something you cannot pronounce. 

Want it? Get it!

Head over to Guy Fox and get started with your order. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be loving the way that fella next to you smells. Check them out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so you can stay up to date on everything they are up to!

Let me know in the comments section if you're going to try Guy Fox! Do you usually buy cologne for your guy or does he pick it out himself? I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas, filled with lots of fresh smelling loved ones.


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