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Your Kids Will Have a Jammin' Holiday with Puro Sound Labs Headphones #MBPHGG19

Thanks to PuroSound for providing samples for this post. All thoughts are my own.

In my experience, having little kids at Christmastime is fun and easy. When they're little, they are thrilled with just about anything they could possibly ever receive. Crayons, paper dolls, fun little toys, games, dolls. My kiddos are growing up, and while my princess of a daughter is still super easy to shop for, my son's wish list is growing more precise, and more expensive each passing year. As he adds more and more tech and gear products to his Christmas list, his dad and I worry more and more about him damaging his hearing by listening to music, video, or playing video games at loud volumes.

As musicians, hubby and I are crazy protective of our hearing. For years, we've taken precautions to protect our hearing when attending concerts and shows, and loud events. Why should it be any different for our kids? Our son B has had sensitive hearing from early on in his life. We used to bring along sound muffling headphones to every live show we attended to help protect his precious ears, and now we do the same for our three-year-old daughter.

As B gets older, he wants a little more freedom and independence, and as much as we want to give that to him, we also have to still be responsible parents, always, and make sure he is well-protected.
When he put a Nintendo Switch at the top of his Christmas list this year, hubby and I agreed to get him one, but knew he would need a good set of volume-limited headphones, too.

Puro Sound Labs Volume Limited Kids' Bluetooth Headphones

Knowing which headphones are best for kids can be so overwhelming. We've gone through lots of pairs of inexpensive licensed headphones featuring favorite characters, and ya know what? If we had just invested in one really good pair of headphones for our kids, we would have saved a ton of money and would have had peace of mind in knowing our kids couldn't listen to media over a certain volume.

Puro Sound Labs cares about sound quality but also cares very much about protecting kids as they listen to media. We learned a long time ago that wired headphones for kids are just a bad idea- especially when you have two kids close together in a back seat. Puro Sound Labs has several different types of headphones which are safe for kids.

The headphones arrive beautifully packed and ready to be given as gifts!

We received two pairs of headphones from Puro Sound Labs- one pair for each kiddo. For B, we received the Volume Limited Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. They are super sleek, lightweight, yet sturdy, and are easy for kids to charge on their own and keep track of. Parents can set the volume, and it remains limited until changed. The headphones come in a handy protective case to keep them safe. We know all too well how easy it is to step on headphones!

These stylish headphones make the perfect gift! $54.99

These headphones are made for kids, so they shouldn't have any issues with the headphones slipping around. They are cushioned and comfy over-ear wireless headphones.


MAXIMUM PROTECTION FOR KIDS: The BT2200 are designed to be safer headphones for kids. Made to protect young listeners’ eardrums from early hearing damage following the World Health Organization’s recommendation of a 85dB-limited volume range.
STUDIO-GRADE AUDIO QUALITY THAT IS SAFER FOR KIDS: Our patent-pending Puro Balanced Response Curve provides your kids or teens with the finest genuine studio sound, including clear, crisp vocals and full dynamic bass – all within the safety of 85 dB.

LONG-LASTING BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES: The one-touch Bluetooth pairing with iPhone, Android, and other compatible devices makes for hassle-free listening, while a 30-foot range allows free movement! The wireless mode eliminates all dangers of entanglement in audio cables. Plus, you get 18 hours of battery life for music playback and 200 hours standby.

OPTIMUM 82% BACKGROUND NOISE ISOLATION: Our product features a fully passive design that blocks 82% of the ambient noise (@ 1 kHz). The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 are the perfect lightweight noise isolating,safer headphones for kids.

For the little ones- Junior Jams are perfect for little ears! ($49.99)

Not to be left out, we've been looking for the perfect pair of wireless headphones for our 3-yr-old for a long time. She wants everything her brother has, so it was no surprise to us that she quickly became jealous of his headphones. Lucky for us, Puro Sound also makes Junior Jams, which are volume-limited wireless headphones for little kids. They offer the same features and protection that the other Puro headphones do, just in a smaller size.

I love that these headphones are the right size for Beanie, and they're pink, so she will absolutely love that about them, too. More than that, they are safe. No cords or wires, easy to slip on, and easy to recharge. Like the headphones for B, we can set the volume and control how loud the sound comes through.


HEAR TO PROTECT: Ordinary headphones let kids jam out at any volume, including dangerous ones. Over time, those rocking volumes damage their eardrums and can even lead to noise-induced hearing loss. Protect your kid’s hearing with JuniorJams, the headphones that limit harmful volumes over 85 dB!

SOUNDS OUTSTANDING: Limiting the volume doesn’t mean suffering through poor sound quality. Puro Sound Labs kid headphones emit crystal-clear sounds thanks to their advanced sound-optimizing Puro Balanced Response Curve that isolates 87% of ambient noise!

FEWER WIRES, MORE FREEDOM: Tired of tangled wires? Puro headphones for kids feature wireless Bluetooth v4.0 technology with a 30-ft. range! But don’t worry about frequent recharging because the lithium-ion battery has a working life of 22 hours.

COMFORT THAT ADJUSTS: No matter how long people wear these teen and toddler headphones, they stay comfortable song after song. Plush vegan leather covers the ear cups and headband in softness while the durable yet lightweight plastic frame is flexible and adjusts to fit.

Give your kids headphones they will love- and ones that you will love, too! You'll feel great knowing that you're purchasing quality headphones that sound amazing, and keep your kids' ears safe, too! To date, these are some of the best headphones for kids we have found and tried. We're really impressed by the way they look, feel, and sound. We're looking forward to a stress-free car trip this holiday season when we head out on our vacation.

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Puro Sound Labs to check out their entire line of headphones, hearing protection and accessories! Many of their products are currently on sale- so don't delay! Puro Sound Labs products ship free!

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Special thanks to Puro Sound Labs for allowing me to share about their wonderful volume-limited headphones for kids this holiday season. Be sure to check them out in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

Who would you love to give a pair of Puro Sound Labs headphones to this Christmas?

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