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Why Is Microsoft 70-767 Important to Your Career in BI Development? Find the Answer to This Question with Practice Tests

Business intelligence (BI) solutions involve the use of various technologies used in collecting business information. These technologies are necessary for collecting, integrating, analysing, and presenting business data. One of the most popular technologies utilized for this purpose is SQL. To be able to carry out the tasks, you need to train, revise, and pass the IT exams. The Microsoft 70-767 certification test helps prepare the professionals to undertake these tasks. The goal of this article is to give you an in-depth analysis of the exam. You will also be learning what it takes to become a certified specialist capable of collecting and managing information meant for business.

Overview of Microsoft 70-767 Exam
Exam Details
This Microsoft exam is designed for attaining two Microsoft certifications – MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development or MCSE: Data Management Analytics. For the MCSA credential, you should also take Microsoft 70-768. Those individuals who are pursuing the MCSE certificate take only the Microsoft 70-767 test to achieve it. For the latter, the 70-767 certification exam is among 8 elective tests required for the MCSE credential.
You will have to sit for the test consisting of 40-60 questions. These questions are expected to appear in different types. In the exam paper, you may find questions, including hot area, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, review screen, and best answer. Other types can be multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, active screen. Once you are ready with the answers and have sent them, you will get your pass or fail result feedback. If you get at least 700 marks out of a total of 1000 points, you will be qualified for the next step. The score below 700 points means failure. Another important requirement for Microsoft 70-767 is the exam fee of $165 to be paid by each test taker.
The intention of the Exam-Labs.com exam questions Microsoft 70-767 exam is to help the data warehouse developers grow their skills. These are the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) developers responsible for creating BI-based solutions. Apart from their ETL-based functions, their other duties are data warehouse and its implementation.
Exam Topics
To be able to carry out these functions, the experts must go through a rigorous prep journey by studying all the topics needed for the 70-767 certification test. They include:
Designing and implementing a data warehouse;
Performing maintenance of a data warehouse;
Extraction and transformation of data;
Loading data;
Building quality data-based solutions.

Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-767 Exam
Here are main reasons why you need to take this certification exam seriously by giving it the attention it deserves:

You learn critical thinking and data analysis skills as the exam involves learning data collection, analysis, and management among other things just like microsoft certified azure data engineer associate.
It is a requirement for any professional intending to get their MCSA certification.
It demonstrates your ability to set goals and doing all it takes to achieve them.
You learn how to analyze data and use it for solving problems.

Data analysis requires you to describe, explain your data analysis, and give possible solutions. This approach will help you learn critical skills like communication as you have to pass your information to others in a clear and effective manner.

The 70-767 exam helps you become successful in your BI development career.
It enables you to get a good job. The jobs for the MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development certification holders include a BI Developer, a Cloud BI Architect, a Data Warehouse Developer, and a MS BI Data Engineer.

As a developer involved in offering BI solutions, earning a great salary would be possible. PayScale reports the annual salary to be between $55,000 and $109,000. Its report on the average annual pay is $79,089.

Preparation Tips for Microsoft 70-767 Exam
Leaving your 70-767 exam studies up to the last minute can lead to disappointment. Despite the fact that there are those who can thrive through cramming during the last-minute rush, it is not advisable to do so. To sort out your exam prep issues, it is important to begin creating a timetable to guide your studies. Indicate the number of topics to cover and the amount of time that you still have before taking your test. Organize for yourself a study area that has no distractions. Ensure the room is bright and conducive enough.

Other things to help boost your preparation include:
Taking regular breaks during studies.
Practicing with past exams.
Learning through study guides and video tutorials.
Using flow charts or diagrams to help you represent and easily remember the most important facts.
Use the exam simulator to feel the atmosphere of a real test passing without leaving your home.
Eat a well-balanced diet to ensure that your brain gets the right fuel as this makes it easier for you to concentrate and learn smoothly.

Preparation Resources for Microsoft 70-767 Exam
There is no specific single resource for passing the Microsoft 70-767 exam. Different candidates approach it using those that work best for them. But there are universal study materials that are being used by the students across the world to pass this test. These resources have been proven to work for the professionals who have taken the 70-767 exam before. Below is the list of these prep tools that you can use in giving you the material needed to score highly in your upcoming certification test:

Microsoft Instructor-Led Course for the 70-767 exam
Exam 70-767 Online Courses recommended by Microsoft
Delivering a Relational Data Warehouse
Implementing ETL with SQL Server Integration Services
Data Cleansing with Data Quality Services
Microsoft 70-767 practice tests, braindumps, and video tutorials from the Exam-Labs website
Free Exam-Labs VCE practice questions

The Microsoft 70-767 exam would bring immense benefits to your BI development career. Preparing yourself well for this certification test will guarantee your success and will move you to the next level of your IT career. Learning all the essential skills and understanding each concept is necessary for the exam. It is also necessary for helping you gain confidence and in approaching all your work responsibilities enthusiastically. Both you and your boss will benefit from taking this step of passing the Microsoft 70-767 exam.

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