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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- While the Kids are Away the Parents Will... Do House Work!

Happy Saturday, friends! As you may have been able to discern from the title of today's post, Matt and I are home alone! The girls are off on a weekend stay with their Grandma J so that Matt and I can work on some projects around the house. I know, we're so exciting, right? 

Now, don't go feeling too envious of our thrilling kid-free adventures, we're starting with working in the basement. Our primary goal is getting it cleaned up and organized so that we can eventually surprise the girls with a new area to hang out in. We've actually been planning to get this done for a while, but we end up getting busy with other (easier) projects around the house and the basement work gets pushed back. Today, we are seizing the day. 

I'm hoping we can get quite a bit of the basement done since we'll be working together with no distractions. I'd love for it to happen quickly too. I've been fighting a cold since Monday and I definitely wouldn't mind trying to rest a bit while the girls are away. 

What does your weekend look like? Any special projects going on? Let me know in the comments section or catch me on the 

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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