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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Let's Get Things Done!

Happy Saturday, friends! We are at the start of another weekend and this one has got me doing some reflecting.  Time seems to be moving at warp speed and I'm over here wondering how my oldest is already approaching 12 and how we are already mid-way through the 11th month of 2019! It just doesn't seem real!

This weekend I plan on soaking up some family fun, but first we have some errands to get out of the way.
 I hate to admit it, but during the week I had another procrastination disaster involving grocery shopping. I kept putting it off and now I have to take care of it today. 
A little later on we're expecting a contractor to stop by to give us an estimate on a small home improvement project. I know, that doesn't exactly shout family fun, but thankfully after that we'll be heading to the movies with Grandma J. 

After the movies, R and I will be sneaking around to get D's birthday gifts ready. Everything is in the house, it all just needs to be wrapped and hidden. Of course, we're still working out the details of the presentation, since this year it seems we are starting a tradition to make gift-giving (and receiving) even more exciting. 

For R's birthday D put together a mystery box with all of R's gifts wrapped inside. For my birthday, both girls put together a scavenger hunt. D would love either one of these things, but R and I think a "choose your own adventure" type of presentation is our best idea for her. Things will start with a note in D's birthday card and then each gift has a choice for her to make on where to look for the next gift. It'll be a bit of work to make it happen, but I think we can do it and I'm looking forward to her reaction. 

What fun things are you up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments or catch me on the MBP Facebook Page

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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