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Treat Your Fur Babies This Christmas With Cloud Star And Tiki Cat! #MBPHGG19

Thank you to Cloud Star and Tiki Cat for samples provided.  All thoughts are my own.

Who else shops for treats for Christmas stockings for your dogs and cats?  My husband tells me that I am crazy because I fill my little dogs stockings with treats and toys.  I don't think it's crazy at all. If you are like me, then Cloud Star and Tiki Cat are for you!
                                                                           Cloud Star

I was so excited to receive this package and my dogs were too.  They sniffed it out and knew it had something in it for them.  We opened one package right away and they got to have a sample.  They love it!  My dogs are really enjoying the jerky with natural duck and apples.  It looks good enough to be jerky for me to eat and has a great smell.  I cut it into smaller chunks and give it to my new rescue dog when she comes in from going potty.  She just about scratches my leg off waiting for me to get a piece out for her.  I am not fast enough.  

Festive Gingerbread Flavor

Chicken breast jerky

Turkey and cranberry jerky

Beef jerky

Duck and apple jerky

Honey baked ham flavor

Doesn't that look good?

I love the beautiful holiday packaging that each of these treat bags are in.  They are festive and perfect for sticking in your fur baby stocking. 

Bolt just about takes off my finger to get his jerky.

Lexi is pretty excited too.

Easy to chew and break into smaller pieces.

My two dogs are so spoiled and they love to get treats.  You mention the word treat and they come running. I'm so glad that I have found a treat that is good for them and not full of lots of extra "things" that they don't need to eat.  

Look at this amazing gift set for the cats.

We also received a Tiki Cat Holiday Gift Set.  It was in a beautiful holiday box and had cat treats and food.  I do not have a cat at my house, but I am sharing this wonderful box with my nieces cat, Smoke.  I love that it's all natural food and is not full of chemicals and things we can't pronounce.  I can't wait for my niece to give her cat this special box.

Want it?  Get it!
Head on over and check out Cloud Star's website.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.  While you are shopping, don't forget to check out Tiki Cat's website and their Facebook and Instagram.  You can also find these fun dog and cat treats featured in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. 

As you are making your Christmas shopping lists, don't forget all the dogs and cats in your life.  Cloud Star and Tiki Cat has all that you need.

Special thank you to my friends at Cloud Star and Tiki Cat for allowing me to share about their wonderful products with our readers.

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  1. Looks like great treats for dogs! My cats would love the Tiki Cat Holiday Gift Set!


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