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Three Tips for Aspiring Interior Designers to Keep In Mind

A house is the most personal physical space. How it is decorated and organized says a lot about the homeowner. But some people are not that great at translating their desires into reality. That’s where interior designers come in. They create mood boards for their clients to figure out how they want their home to be styled. And let’s be honest, they sometimes save clients from making some pretty horrible choices. For aspiring interior designers, here are some tips that can save them from many a tricky situation in their careers. 

Understand light
One of the basic principles of interior design is how a person makes use of available light. The idea is to make sustainable choices that are energy efficient and a step towards an organic lifestyle. When you play around with light, it has to either serve a specific purpose, emphasize some aspects in a room or accentuate a mood. It depends on the space where it is being used. An office space needs to be bright and alive. This is where a window with noise-canceling glass would be used to bring in sunlight. But softer and mood-specific lighting is required for a bedroom. Dimmers can be used to adjust the level and brightness of artificial lights as necessary. 

Paint what you can
Seriously. Remember, as a child, you looked forward to the annual paint job? You could spend hours looking over the shade cards, choosing colors for your room. And the house would look new every-time. Apply that formula here. Buy a couple of cans of paint and re-do your bedroom walls. You can even wallpaper one of the walls to make it a statement fixture. And there’s a lot more than walls than you can paint. A fresh polish makes the coffee table look brand new. Internal glazed doors can also be refreshed, especially if they are painted white, a versatile color that muddies too easily. If you’re looking for a statement artwork to hang above the living room couch, a canvas painted in a pastel color is a good piece of minimalistic art.

Make use of less to do more 

People renovate their homes for different reasons. Maybe their partner is moving in with them, or they are expecting a baby, or feel that they can afford a house renovation finally. But unless your client hands you a credit card with no spending limit, you will need to cut corners. Hence, you will need to know how to make use of available resources to make the best choices. Handwoven rugs are inexpensive, and they add a burst of color to the room, softening hardwood floors. Ceramic plates in different patterns and shapes can be hung as wall art in the living room. Wicker baskets can be placed around the room to make it less messy. Some hardcovers from a vintage bookstore can bring character to your selves. Colour pillowcases complement white furniture really well. At the end of the day, it is all about how you make things work. 

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