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Teach to One Provides Options to Educators

Education is designed to give a student the skills and knowledge they need in order to be successful and fulfilled in life. Education has become more and more difficult to implement because of the constraints placed on teachers in traditional classrooms. Teachers are required to work with a rather large group of similar-aged students. Teaching the same curriculum to all makes it difficult to meet the individual educational needs of each student.

The new Re-imagined Classroom takes into account the personal learning needs of each student. It realizes that each student learns differently and starts with where the student is at with their skills. There is not a cookie-cutter design for the group as a whole, but more individualized planning for each individual student.

Teach to One makes sure that the student's needs drive their education. Just because it is individualized learning, does not mean that students are required to learn by themselves. They can be paired with other students that have similar needs in different types of models. Technology is also a big part of the programming, but it does not mean that it is the primary mode of teaching that needs to be used with students. 

With Teach to One, teachers have many different options they can use in their classroom to assist in their teaching. The program provides different types of digital tools and products that can supplement the teaching they are doing in their classroom. It is up to the teacher to determine how they want to do this. The program is also designed to be a replacement for their current math curriculum that they are using. The program can also be used in aiding what both the teacher and the student do, as well as the organization of the classroom.

When using this model, several things are included for the instructor. These include the course content, assessments, student learning progressions, and the materials needed for the classroom. There is also a component that looks at the operational design. This part addresses the physical configuration of the class, use of the technology, grouping of students, and the role of the educators. 

The Teach to One program is backed by research also has teams including educational, technological and operational experts that can provide support. Thousands of hours have gone into the programming of this teaching model. Schools can then take the program and make it work for them. They are able to customize it to meet their individual needs. 

When looking at the success of the program, 14 schools that use it were followed for three years. It was found that they improved learning gains by 23% when compared to student on a national basis. The comparison used was the results of the NWEA MAP test. When compared with schools that looked at growth-aligned measures, the TTO program showed a growth of 53% above the national average. 

The TTO math program can be used for students from fifth grade up through 8th grade. It does reach back to skills at the third grade level for those that need them and then carries on through Algebra I. TTO Math also has programs for those in 9th through the 11th grade. The program is designed to fill in gaps that have been missed by students in their math skills. It is also designed for those students that are ready to take Algebra 1. The program can range from one year to several years, depending upon the student and the schools needs. 

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