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Sip Through the Holidays in Style with the SnowFox Wine Gift Set

Thanks to Snowfox for the product samples. All thoughts are my own.

Are you dreaming of a wine Christmas? Wait- I thought the lyrics were... nevermind. In my Italian family, a wine Christmas will do just fine. In fact, there are a lot of wine lovers in my life (including myself). Over the years, we've sort of adopted a theme of 'wine Christmases' and no one has yet to complain. For many families with European heritage, drinking wine is just part of everyday life, as it is with my family. I love relaxing with a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, but all too often, I pop open a bottle of wine and boo hiss at the fact that its room temperature.

SnowFox keeps the party going by chilling your wine without ice!

I love a brand that knows the way to their customers' hearts!

My Italian grandmother was notorious for dropping a couple of ice cubes into her wine glass. To some, the may seem sacrilege, however, I knew she just wanted to chill her wine and maybe even cut through the alcohol a little. The older I get, the more I realize that room temp wine isn't always so nice-tasting. I don't have room to chill multiple bottles of wine or add a wine fridge to my kitchen, but I have found a great way to keep wine cool without using ice and watering my drink down.

SnowFox Wine Tumbles and Carafes keep drinks chilled without refrigeration or ice.

SnowFox offers customers a modern way to enjoy their favorite beverages. Whether beer, wine or cocktails are your favorites, SnowFox keeps beverages cool in their handsome and sleep stainless steel carafes and tumblers.

I asked for a stainless steel wine tumbler a couple of years ago for Christmas and each year since, more and more of my family members have been asking for them, too. My dad has a tendency to knock over wine (oops... sorry, dad), spilling the wine, and sometimes breaking his favorite wine glasses. It happens- I've done it. The SnowFox Wine Carafe and Tumbler Set not only keeps wine cool, but keeps it a little bit safer, too.


This beautiful insulated wine carafe holds a full bottle of wine and will keep it chilled at the same temperature you poured it for hours.  Paired with a matching set of 13 oz stainless steel wine glasses you can enjoy your favorite chilled wine (or any beverage) anywhere.

- Vacuum insulated carafe holds a full bottle of wine
- Easy to hold and pour, the neck is also wide enough for ice cubes
- Cork-like lid is easy to open but keeps beverages sealed inside
- 13.2 oz stemless wine glasses keeps drinks cold - no lid required
- No sweat, no watery mess

This is such a nice set. Not only does it make a great gift- it's crazy sleek and modern, fitting in with newer decor. Drop it and it won't break. There's less of a chance of knocking over the tumblers because they're stemless. They're super durable and easy to hold. The carafe will chill the wine and keep it cool. If you want to add ice cubes, you can- I won't judge.

I think this set would make an amazing gift for any wine lover. It's also a great wedding gift if you know someone who will soon be getting married!

SnowFox has lots of other amazing stainless steel stemware, too! I can't wait to add to the set we have and use some of their amazing cocktail and beer glasses!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to SnowFox to check out all of their cool products!
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Special thanks to SnowFox for allowing me to share about their sleek gifts this holiday season.
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Which of these SnowFox products would you love to have or gift this holiday season?

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Be merry!

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