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Planning Tips for Your Newborn Photography Session in Philadelphia

Want to get a picture of your newborn child? You must act immediately. Babies change quickly, and within the first few weeks of life, they have already grown in size and features. Capturing your newborn’s precious face in a professional photograph can be an amazing gift for new mothers.
If you know that you want a newborn photography session after your baby is due, it’s time to start planning. Here are the top tips you need to know before starting your Philadelphia photography session.

Don’t Dress Them Up Too Much

One of the most common mistakes that new parents make is that they bring too many outfits. You may want a dozen different pictures in a dozen different outfits, but it is unlikely that your baby can put up with that for too long. Avoid your cute bundle of joy getting cranky when constantly changing them. Instead, pick out a couple of your favorite outfits for the little one that you know will look good in a photo.

Schedule Your Session ASAP

You want your session to take place as soon after the birth as possible. Obviously, you will need some time to recover and come home from the hospital, but then the plans should start going into motion right away. It is essential to schedule a newborn photography session within 1-10 days after birth. This is the critical time for newborns because they still retain their most baby-like features. After 10 or so days, they begin to develop rapidly.

Find the Perfect Photographer

Finding the perfect photographer in Philadelphia shouldn’t be difficult, but remember what’s most important to you. What kind of photographs do you want to have of your baby? How long do you want the session to last? Have you seen the photographer’s past editing work? Do you feel confident that you’ve made the right choice? Don’t book an appointment with someone until you are completely sure that you’ve found the perfect photographer for your newborn baby.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

Adding a few props can make for a meaningful photo. Bring some of your favorite baby items along to join your precious baby in the picture. This can be anything from a children’s storybook to that special blanket he’s had on ever since he was born. If you have a well-behaved pet that interacts well with your baby, you can even include them in the picture, too. Go here to work with some of the best newborn lifestyle photographers in the Philadelphia area.

Don’t Get Stressed!

Remember that it’s important not to become stressed during the photography session. When you have a professional that you can trust, everything will be smooth and easy. Your baby will do great, and you won’t have to prepare a bunch of things in advance. Bring lots of water and snacks with you too, so you can take care of yourself during the process. You just had a baby - now it’s time to relax! Leave it to the professionals to capture the best shots of your baby.

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