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Music Memory Game

I love music almost as much as I enjoy a good book.  I could swear at times songs and lyrics have been written to define a moment in my life or they motivate me to work through struggles I have faced.  Of course some of my favorites come just from the beat.  My go to songs come from all decades, but I mostly love 80's and 90's music.  Even now, I can remember lyrics and what made me like the song.  Recently, E and I have been playing a game in the car to keep me awake when picking him up after his late shifts.  I decided to name it Music Memory.

We set the Amazon Prime Music app to play the 90's music station and I have to name the song or the artist that is singing it.  It is a fun way to pass the time in the car, but also fun to see how much I remember.  While the trip home from picking him up is only 45 minutes, I think it is a fun game to play on long trips.

What are your thoughts?  What games do you play in the car?
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