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Modern day solutions to urinary incontinence in U.S. women

Urinary incontinence is no joke – it’s a serious health condition that millions of women face in the United States every single year. Unfortunately, many of those women refuse or fail to seek the appropriate help that they need to overcome their leakage symptoms associated with UI.
What causes urinary incontinence in the majority of women?

Women’s pelvic floor muscles become weak over time, due to a number of reasons, and it just so happens that weakened pelvic floor muscles often lead to urinary incontinence health issues. Typically, this tends to happen right after childbirth, but there are other factors that can increase a woman’s risk of developing the condition.

Some examples include:
Increase in Age
Elevated BMI

You see, a woman’s pelvic floor is made up of more than twelve muscles – and these muscles work together to support all of the organs inside the pelvis (e.g. the bladder, uterus, and bowel).

When the pelvic floor muscles weaken, the body has a difficult time keeping up with normal urinary functions; therefore, holding in urine becomes more of a challenge than a natural thing to do. If you are unsure if you suffer from UI, head on over to https://www.pelvicscore.com/ to take a free quiz and rate your symptoms.

What can you do to get rid of your UI symptoms?

Many U.S. women do not go straight to finding a solution for the problem. In fact, most of them think that using control pads and diapers will help minimize the issue at hand.
That’s not the right way to think about UI.

As the professionals say, the best way to deal with UI is to strengthen those pelvic floor muscles using a strain of approved exercises. Unfortunately, about 75% of American women do not perform these required exercises – and if they do, a large percentage of those women don’t perform them correctly.

Don’t get down on yourself if you fall within this statistic range, though, seeing as performing such exercises can be extremely challenging.

Is there an alternative that can help women with urinary incontinence?

Pelvic floor strengthening is, without a doubt, the #1, most conservative way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and minimize UI symptoms. However, conducting such exercises correctly usually requires the woman to meet face to face with a qualified professional.
Then, the list goes on.

You’ll have to schedule an appointment with the therapist during your selected timeframe, pay an almost guaranteed co-pay, and perform the pelvic exercises in the medical office. All of these actions take up valuable time and money for the average adult female in the U.S.
Instead, a Pelvic Digital Therapeutic, that’s been cleared by the FDA, has hit the market in a solid attempt to relieve women of this issue.

The Pelvic Digital Health System: Here to Help

Leva is a prescription-only, accelerometer-based device that is inserted into the vagina, built to detect pelvic floor muscle movements in real-time. The system helps you get through your exercises and training the correct way by mirroring the motions that your pelvic floor is doing – so that you can eye it out and be sure that everything is right on track.

The device connects directly to your smartphone so that you can track your progress and see how you’re doing during each exercise session and monitor progress on a weekly basis through the Renovia Digital Health app. If need be, you can contact a personal coach through the Renovia app to ensure you’re meeting your UI goals, too.

All it takes is 2 ½ minutes, twice a day, and in as little as six weeks, your pelvic floor muscles will strengthen to lessen your unwanted symptoms.

Hope this helps to shine some light on how serious urinary incontinence can be, along with a potential treatment method to help the medical condition. Read more about leva as a UI treatment at knowleva.com.

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