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Life Lessons- Losing your Job

So E lost his job on Friday.  The termination letter were harsh and E had some really hard feelings, but I find it an important life lesson to learn from.  Businesses are in the business to make money and while friendships are formed this will not influence a business to keep your employment.  So instead of moping and feeling sorry for himself I gave him some advice that I think everyone can benefit from.

The Truth About Work
1. If you truly love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.
2. Staying with a job that is harmful mentally, physically, or emotionally is not good for anyone and you need to determine how to make it better or leave.
3. Negative remarks can make you question yourself, but don't let them define you.  Learn from them and then "Shake it Off".
4.  Do not define yourself by your failures there are always bigger things in store.  Failing does not mean you are a failure.  The fit could be wrong or you could be ill-prepared to handle the job either way this job was a stepping stone and it is time to move on.

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