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How to Dress for Fall Tips, Outfit Ideas, and More!

Fall is the perfect time to break out your cozy sweaters, strut your stuff in your favorite jeans, and maybe even splurge on some new boots!
It's a great season for rediscovering your wardrobe as you pull out items you haven't worn all summer, and a chance to add to your collection as your style develops. 

Unless of course, you're not sure how to transition your summer clothes into cool-weather outfits. If you find yourself staring at the closet unsure of what to wear this season, don't worry. Here are five simple, yet effective tips to help you master how to dress for fall. 
1. Wear Layers 
The first rule of fall clothing is to layer up. A sundress and sandals won't cut it anymore as the weather gets cooler. It's time to layer your tank tops or t-shirts with a soft flannel or a jean jacket.
Play with layering light layers under sweaters and big jackets, too. It may take some time to find the perfect balance between bundling up and being too warm, but the only way to get it right is to keep trying!
2. Add Warm Colors to Your Wardrobe 
As you're putting warm-weather clothes away, take note of the tones and textures in your fall wardrobe. Your fall clothes should be darker than your spring and summer ones. They're not meant to be bright and bubbly, but rather, soft and chic. 
Classic fall colors include:
  • Maroon 
  • Mustard
  • Hunter green
  • Pistachio green 
  • Navy blue
  • Dark brown
  • Black
  • Grey
You don't need to have all of these colors in your closet, but definitely make sure you're not always wearing white or pastels in the fall. 
3. Make the Most of Fall Accessories
Another way to transition into fall wardrobes is to break out fall accessories! Boots and booties, scarves and beanies, and light jackets all fall into this category. You don't need to leave the house wearing all of these every day, but you should definitely work them into your wardrobe rotation.
All it takes is a pair of high boots with a skirt or a dress to turn a classic summer piece into a fall-friendly look. Even with classic fall pieces like jeans and sweaters, fall accessories help tie your look together. 
And don't forget about transitioning from summer to fall bags! You can read more here for fall handbag inspiration.
4. Stay True to Your Style 
Speaking of tying a look together, make sure you don't get lost in thinking so much about what you should wear that you forget about what you want to wear. No matter the season, it's important to let your clothes be a reflection of you. 
If you're outgoing and adventurous, fill your closet with bold sweaters and fun fall accessories. If you're a little more serious or reserved, neutral fall tones and chic silhouettes are for you. 
5. Have a Few Go-to Looks
The final fall dressing tip to keep in mind is to keep things simple. Just because you're in a new season doesn't mean you need to wear an entirely new look every single day. 
Rather, figure out what your go-to fall pieces are, and keep them handy. Maybe there's a sweater you can't get enough of or boots you absolutely love to wear. Maybe you're a fan of beanies or you really love slipping into a soft flannel. 
Whatever your favorite pieces are, work them into your fall outfits as much as you can. This will help you feel comfortable and confident all season long, no matter what you're heading out for.
How to Dress for Fall While on Vacation
It's one thing to know how to dress for fall when your whole closet is available to you, and another to dress appropriately while choosing looks out of a suitcase. If you're traveling soon to a cooler location, keep the tips above in mind to help you stay warm and look your best. 
You can also keep reading to check out our other outfit ideas and more fall fashion tips to help your packing process go smoothly!

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