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How to Dress for a Country Concert: Outfit Ideas, Tips, and More!

If there's a country concert coming into your town, then we can almost guarantee you're filled with excitement. Concerts are one of the most exciting, fun-filled activities that you can ever take place in that even come with a few health benefits. You're looking forward to seeing some of your favorite artists, having a few drinks, hanging out with friends, and singing the night away. 

But before you can pack up and head out to the concert grounds, you first need to decide on an outfit. This might be the most difficult part of planning a day or night at a country concert. Kowing what to wear to a country concert can make all the difference. 
You want to enjoy the concert to the fullest, and that means dressing the part. If you're not sure exactly what to wear for the show, then you've stumbled across the right page. Continue reading below for several tips and ideas on what to wear to your country concert!
Denim Shorts or Pants
When thinking of country wear, one of the first thoughts is denim. Denim is a must when putting together an outfit for your country concert. A pair of jeans is always a great idea. 
You can go with a pair of ripped jeans, boot jeans, straight jeans, or any type of denim jeans that you'd like. Also, keep in mind that the shade of the jeans plays a factor in how casual or formal your look is. Going with a lighter wash will make your outfit more casual. 
The choice is ultimately yours for how you want to dress up. Denim shorts or skirts are other great options. A good pair of daisy dukes will always work when selecting clothing items for your concert. 
Country-Style Tops 
When thinking of cowgirl western wear, we think of flirty and fun clothing pieces. To keep this style going, choose a country-style top that's both fun and flirty to pair with your jeans. You don't want to choose a formal top as it might make your look too formal.
Instead, choose a shirt that falls off the shoulders, is a crop top, has a tie in the front, or is a soft-relaxed tee shirt. Shirts with ruffles or sleeves that are loose are brilliant ways to look cute while being casual at the show. 
Floral Patterns 
Floral patterns are another great choice for country concerts! Floral pattern dresses work well, as long as they're not silky or too formal looking. A floral sundress is a much better option for the country concert. 
This is the perfect choice when attending a concert in the summer when the weather is hot. 
Plaid Shirts
Plaid is another well-liked clothing item when considering country wear. Plaid shirts work well with jeans as well. You can wear a button-up plaid shirt and roll up the sleeves if it's a hot day. 
You can also leave a few buttons unbuttoned at the top and pair it with a cute antique necklace. You can also consider leaving a few buttons undone at the bottom and tying your button-up into a crop top. Whichever way you decide to wear your plaid, you'll be rocking your country-western outfit! 
Cowboy Boots
Now that you have your clothing put together, you need to think about what shoes you want to wear. The best option, of course, is cowboy or cowgirl boots. These boots are almost a necessity when attending any country-themed event. 
However, you'll want to keep in mind that purchasing a brand-new pair of cowboy boots for the show isn't always the best idea. If you purchase them brand new, they won't be broken in. This could lead to some major foot pain during or after the concert. 
Be sure to wear an older broken-in pair of boots. If you don't have some already in your closet, consider checking out local thrift stores or consignment shops for a used pair. 
Cowboy Hat
To tie it all together, consider wearing a cowboy hat! A cowboy hat is a perfect way to complete your outfit. And if the concert is during the day, your hat will provide you with a good amount of shade from the sun. 
You'll be surprised at how many options you have when cowboy hat shopping. You can go with a traditional style, a pink one, a straw hat, or so many other choices. 
Other Accessories 
Now that your entire outfit is complete, you can begin to add in some small other touches here and there. Consider sliding on a few bangles or leather bracelets on your wrists. You can carry a small leather purse, clutch, or handbag with you as well. 
A necklace is appropriate as well, as long as it's not too expensive. It's not uncommon for a few items to get lost at a concert. Unfortunately, once something is lost at an event like a concert, the chances of finding it are slim.
Stick with a costume jewelry piece instead that's lightweight and won't stop you from dancing for hours!
Do You Know What to Wear to a Country Concert? 
Follow these country outfit tips listed above, and you'll have no problem knowing what to wear to a country concert! Keep them in mind when getting dressed, but don't feel obligated to stick to each tip exactly. Many things can be changed or switched around and still look amazing. 
This is just a simple guide to help you along the way!

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