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Give Them a Healthier Smile this Christmas with the Bruush Electric Toothbrush Kit #MBPHGG19

Thanks to Bruush for the sample. All thoughts are my own.

Everyone loves a good reason to smile, and I've got a great gift idea that'll make you do just that! It's no secret that just about everyone out there envies those with super white and bright smiles. Some may think that this can only be achieved by spending thousands of dollars to have their teeth whitened, though the simple truth is that a beautiful smile and healthy mouth can be easily maintained with the right toothbrush.

Years ago, my dentist recommended an electric toothbrush for easy brushing. I didn't realize how hard I was being on my teeth and gums with my everyday manual brushing techniques. Toothbrushes come in lots of different styles, colors, and bristle strength, but the most recommended toothbrushes are the electric ones with the interchangeable heads.

Not knowing a whole lot about electric brushes, I was really excited to discover Bruush. My husband has been hinting at wanting an electric toothbrush- and not just any one would do. He always wants to best of the best products available and is a stickler for reading consumer reports and reviews.

Bruush is the electric toothbrush of your dreams!

When I found Bruush, I knew I found a toothbrush he would greatly approve of.
Bruush isn't your average electric toothbrush - it's a whole new way to achieve a cleaner, healthier mouth and a whiter, brighter smile.

A Brilliant Clean: Kill plaque and reduce gingivitis with top-of-the-line sonic technology.

Best-In-Class Battery: 4-week rechargeable battery won’t leave you hanging while you're traveling.

Made for Convenience: Avoid store trips! A Bruush subscription ships you 3 fresh brush heads every 6 months for only $18 ($6 per head).

Easy to hold, easy to use!

I have felt really 'meh' about the thought of using an electric toothbrush in the past, but I am loving the look and feel of the Bruush Electric Toothbrush! It's so sleek and stylish, and the battery life is amazing! It fits well in-hand, and has really amazing settings and features, which I think you will absolutely love!

Each Bruush kit comes with:

BrĂ¼ush Electric Toothbrush
+ 3 Brush Heads
+ Magnetic Charging Stand
+ USB Power Adapter
+ Travel Case

Sonic technology delivers 31,000 brush strokes per minute, compared to a manual brush’s measly 300 strokes per minute.


Custom designed-head
6 cleaning modes
Sonic technology

One of my favorite features of the Bruush toothbrush is the built-in timer. This is something that my hubby and son struggle with- brushing their teeth for proper lengths of time to really get them clean. When my son is a little older, I'll also be investing in a Bruush toothbrush for him!

A Bruush Toothbrush Kit and subscription is such a smart gift.
The subscription will automatically send out new brush-heads every few months for just $18.00, making the value $6.00 per head. That's pretty incredible if you ask me!

I am already a little jelly, and am wanting a Bruush kit of my own. Guess hubby knows what he can get me for Christmas, huh?

Want it? Get it!

If you want to learn more about Bruush or would like to order Bruush as a holiday gift, don't delay!
Right now, Bruush is offering free shipping & returns on all orders!

Connect with Bruush on Facebook and IG.

Special thanks to Bruush for allowing me to share about their fantastic electric toothbrushes and subscription service! Be sure to look for Bruush in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

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