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Gift Happy this Holiday Season with Happypop Socks! #MBPHGG19

Thanks to Happypop for the samples. All thoughts are my own.

What's a surefire way to make someone smile this holiday season? Giving them a perfectly curated box of socks, of course! There are lots of people in my life who absolutely love getting socks for Christmas. In fact, it's sort of a family holiday tradition for us to give each other socks! They made perfect stocking stuffers for all ages!

This holiday season, I'm surprising some of my loved ones with really cute socks, but not just any socks... the happiest socks out there! Betcha didn't know that socks have feelings, huh? Well, they love to make people happy- that's why they exist, right? Well, that's what I like to think, anyway.

Happypop brings boys and girls (big and little) the most fun socks on the planet! Not only are their socks well-made and of amazing quality, but they are also simply way too much fun! There are literally hundreds of sock styles and designs to choose from!

Sock Gift Boxes? Yes, Please!

Finding socks for my sweet little Beanie Boo is harder than you might think! The girl is picky with a capital P! She loves unicorns, though, and when I stumbled across Happypop socks, I knew her tiny feet would do a little happy dance if it meant they could wear the adorable unicorn sock collection for girls! This sweet little gift box contains five pair of cute unicorn themed socks for ages 2-5. They will be perfect for Beanie this winter as her feet grow! These unicorn socks are great to wrap up in the cute gift box as is, or to separate and place into a stocking.

Themed Socks for Grown-ups!

Almost every family has a medical professional in it these days. In my family, we are crazy blessed to have not one, but two nurses. These amazing women have worked so hard and made many sacrifices to do what they love, and help so many people. The Nursing Sock Gift Box from Happypop is a great way to show your appreciation and thanks to a special nurse in your life. It comes with two really cute pairs of nursing themed socks, and they are sure to make the recipient smile, especially on those tough days on the job.

I love all of the awesome and clever socks available at Happypop! 
They certainly offer a huge dose of happy for all!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Happypop to shop their entire selection of socks! You can buy single pairs or gift sets- it's up to you! Right now, take advantage of the 20% sale happening for Black Friday.

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Special thanks to Happypop for allowing me to share about their cool socks for the holidays!
Be sure to look for them in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

Which Happypop socks would you love to wear or share this holiday season?

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Happy holidays!

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