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DIARY of a MINECRAFT ZOMBIE Book Series is Perfect for Kids this Holiday! #MBPHGG19

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Minecraft. If you've never heard the word, you may not spend much time with kids ages seven and up. I was first introduced to the phenomenon when my husband's cousin became interested in the game. My own son was just a kindergartener at the time, but I knew it wouldn't be long before Minecraft would become a household name for our family like it was for so many others.

Chalk it up to me lacking interest and understanding (and maybe a little patience), Minecraft has just recently become a 'thing' to my son within the past two years. After its initial introduction to him at a Minefaire event a few years ago, it's been full-on Minecraft everything for my boy, from shirts and socks to toys, building sets (thank you, LEGO!), and of course, the actual Minecraft game.

While I don't mind my son getting into a theme, I try to keep playtime, screentime, and educational time balanced at home, outside of schoolwork. Lucky for me, my son (now nine years old) loves to read and reads nearly two grade levels ahead.

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Series is great for kids who love Minecraft!

If your kids love Minecraft and enjoy reading, this is the perfect series to get them started on this holiday season!

Your kids will love Diary of a Minecraft Zombie - part of the Zack Zombie World of books!
Over 2 Million Copies Sold Worldwide.
The Best Selling and Most Popular Minecraft Fan-Fiction Book of All Time!

There are several books (18) in this incredibly fun series for kids.
The book series allows kids to dive right into an imaginative world of Minecraft-inspired fun. Kiddos will be able to relate to the characters of the stories, who are all just trying to make it through school and navigate childhood.

It's a clever way to engage kids and get bring the world of Minecraft and reality together!

I know my son will want to keep on reading the series, so I plan to purchase a few more books for him. This will also be a great way to keep him reading over the holiday break. The books are $5.71 on Amazon for the paperback versions. Hardback versions are also available.

Want them? Get them!

Why not grab a book or two for your Minecraft-lovin' kiddo this holiday season?
Look for Diary of a Minecraft Zombie on Amazon!

Learn more about the world of Zack Zombie + all of the other cool books available!
Connect with Zack Zombie on Facebook and IG.

Zack Zombie and Diary of a Mincecraft Zombie are a part of our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! Be sure to look for these awesome books, as well as lots of other cool gift picks for kids in our HGG!

Do your kids love Minecraft? 
Think they would love this series?
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  1. Pretty cool! I'll ask my daughter if she want to read them. She has been playing minecraft since she was 5 and now she is almost 12.


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