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Celebrating 12 Years of Marriage with a Kid-Free Weekend in NYC!

I've hardly slept a wink all week, and it's no surprise. Any time that there's a big event coming up for our family, I am like a kid on Christmas Eve... al jittery, so filled with anticipation that I just can't settle down and give in to rest. What's all the excitement about in the middle of November, you ask? Well, it just so happens that my wedding anniversary is this Sunday, the 17th. Sacha and I will be celebrating twelve years of marriage, and we're doing it in style, in our favorite city- NYC!

Summer of 2007

Twelve years may seem like an odd anniversary to celebrate, but we never got to take our tenth-anniversary trip that we had so desperately hoped to take. We became too busy, had a one-year-old, and the timing just wasn't right for us to take a long weekend trip without the kiddos.

A trip to NYC is long overdue for the two of us. We've been to NYC numerous times together, but the last trip we took to NYC without kids was before we were even engaged. I'd venture to say that was fifteen years ago!

My beloved NYC

NYC holds my heart. I grew up just 30 minutes outside of the city, so it's a place I remember visiting often and could even see the city from our living room window (in New Jersey). Sacha's first trip to NYC was amazing, and I loved being in the city with him. We've taken our son (9 years old) to NYC numerous times, as well, and we've had some grand family adventures there together. 

This weekend, however, is for grownups, only. We're flying to Newark tomorrow morning from Charlotte, catching the train, and heading straight into the city. I cannot wait!


When in NYC on Friday, we'll be staying at the luxe Dream Hotel Midtown. I'm looking forward to relaxing in this spectacular boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan. I can't wait to grab a cocktail, and then hit the after-hours game room and lounge!


All of the times we've been to NYC together, hubby has never stepped foot in Central Park, so it's definitely on the to-do list this trip. I'd love to swing by Freedom Tower- but it's all the way over by the river, across town... so we might not do that this trip. I am always happy to just walk around Manhattan. There is so much to see and do!


We have reservations at our favorite restaurant in NYC, Becco.
I can't wait for a little homestyle Italian dining.


Hubby bought tickets to the NY Philharmonic, so we'll be getting gussied up and spending the evening at the symphony at Lincoln Center.

The rest of the weekend

On Saturday, we'll be taking the train to NJ, where we will meet up with my uncles. We'll stay with them on Saturday and Sunday, and catch up. There really are no plans for the rest of the weekend, other than to hang out and relax. My uncles are fabulous, and I haven't seen them in three years, so a visit is long overdue. We'll bop over to bagel shops and bakeries, and who knows- we may even Schlep to Hoboken to visit Carlo's Bake Shop- the original Carlo's Bakery.

I'm just looking forward to a weekend away. It's easy to feel like we wind up trapped in a bubble of responsibility, and this weekend- we won't have any. It'll be worth getting up at 3 am tomorrow morning to haul it to the airport to catch an early flight and enjoy the day in NYC tomorrow.

Look at us- just a couple of babies in 2005.

I can't wait to spend an amazing weekend with my love in NYC and NJ. It'll be so nice to talk, to eat, to explore, and relax- just the two of us. The kids will be having a grand weekend, too! They'll be splitting the weekend between sets of Grands, so don't worry, they'll be having their own fabulous adventures while mom and dad are away! My mommy heart will miss them, but the little break will be great for them, and for us, as well.

The best day of my life- the day I married my best friend.

Happy anniversary weekend to us! Each and every day, our love only grows. I credit our amazing relationship to God... he knew what he was doing when he plucked my family from Gastonia, NC and plopped us down in Salisbury back in 1998. I can't believe we've known each other for twenty-two years, and have been friends, best friends, and eventually spouses through three (almost four) decades. Here's to us, and to many more years of God's blessings!

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