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Caught Up in a Good Book

I checked this (and another) book out on my birthday and almost a week had come and gone without me opening it. It's a pretty thick book, so I was feeling a little overwhelmed and worried that I wouldn't finish it (or the other book) before the due date. I decided to start reading it Sunday night.

This was my progress by Monday afternoon. Not too bad for just a few hours of reading since sleep and work got in the way of my binge reading. 

Today's progress is much better! We had yesterday off for election day, so between Monday night and whatever time I could squeeze in yesterday to read, I made quite a bit of headway. I actually thought I would get through the book last night, but between this cold, I'm trying to fight and rereading the same few words repeatedly because I was so tired, I convinced myself to wait until this morning. Now, I'm hoping I can finish before I have to go into work. I think I have just under 90 pages left, or just over. I can't recall which. I have a few predictions about some of the characters in the book and I'm really interested to see if I'm correct. I can hardly wait to finish.

Let's talk book suggestions! What books have you read lately that you couldn't put down? Have you read this or any other books by Dan Brown? Let me know in the comments below or catch me on our MBP Facebook Page

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