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Car Safety Tips for Transporting a Live Christmas Tree

A well-loved holiday tradition for millions of families across the globe is the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. While some families opt for artificial trees, there are thousands who will embark on an out-of-town trip or run to a local tree lot to find their perfect tree. While choosing the tree and decorating it once it's placed in its display spot at home is undoubtedly fun and exciting, the un-fun part of the process is transporting the tree. Believe it or not, there are many safety concerns that come along with transporting a live Christmas tree. Here are a few tips to keep your family (and your car) safe when transporting your Christmas tree this holiday season.

Don't try to bring a tree home in an unrealistic vehicle

Whether you choose your tree from a local lot, store, or select a fresh tree from a tree farm in the mountains, you have to get that tree home somehow. Tiny cars are not suitable for transporting trees, especially large ones. A sedan might be able to hold a smaller tree, say no taller than 4 ft. If you are transporting a large tree, a truck or SUV will be your best bet for safe transport. If your vehicle isn't reliable for everyday travel, do not attempt to bring a tree home in or on it.

Have your tree netted or bound

You know those funny-looking cylindrical metal things you often see set up at tree lots? They serve a purpose! Most tree lots or farms will net/bind your tree free of charge if you simply ask them to. A lot of folks avoid purchasing trees that are pre-netted because they cannot see how the braches lie. After selecting your perfect tree, have the tree netted. This will hold the branches in place, and will make it much easier to secure the entire tree to the car for safe transport.

Ask for help to secure the tree in place on or in your vehicle

Again, most tree lots and farms have staff available to help you secure your tree to your vehicle. It's always a good idea to bring your own rope and bungee cords, just in case you need to do it yourself. Make sure the trunk of the tree is facing the front of the vehicle. It's best to secure the tree to a roof rack, basket, etc, on top of the vehicle. If you are in a truck, you still need to secure the tree by tying it down. Do not load a tree into a truck bed and then drive off without tying it down. Placing a tarp or old blanket will help prevent scratches to your vehicle from the tree.

 Pay attention when driving home

Many of the accidents that occur on the roadways are caused by road debris. This is another reason why you need to make sure your tree is properly secured. The net around the tree will help prevent small limbs/branches from breaking off the tree during the drive home, which might fall into the road and cause damage to your vehicle or others.

Carefully remove the tree from the vehicle

If you remembered to place a blanket down between the roof of your vehicle and your tree, you should be able to easily slide both the blanket and tree off of the vehicle safely. Ask for a second person to help remove the tree, if possible. Remember, trees can cause major damage to cars, especially to their paint jobs.

Once you've safely transported the tree and have gotten it set up in your home, the real fun can begin! Why not make a family night out of decorating the tree? Put on some holiday music, grab the lights and ornaments, and enjoy some hot cocoa while you deck your halls!

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